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  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,165 points)

    PS On your Mac, hold down the Option key while you do Finder > Go and select Library.  See if you have a folder called Mobile Documents, and inside that one for Pages.  That is where copies of your iCloud docs are kept on your machine if it is set up correctly.  If you never installed the Pages app, I don't know if it will be there, but worth checking to see if the docs you want might be available locally.


    Also did you ever download a copy of your docs to your own hard drive from iCloud?  If so, it may be there somewhere and the Pages app could open them if you installed it.

  • seonyinn Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue. Pages on iPad is not synching with iCloud. When I log into iCould, I get the loop as well. Same for Keynote and Numbers.


    When I open my iWork apps using my Macbook Air and click on iCloud, I also cannot download and view my documents. It just has "waiting" status and nothing happens.


    My wife's account doesn't have this problem, though...

  • forkies Level 1 (90 points)

    Having the EXACT same issue, called Apple Support and they escalated it to get help from the iCloud engineers.


    There is a longer thread about this issue, and a developer has reported a similar issue to Apple.

  • JMO 55 Level 1 (0 points)

    I called them and they are aware of the problem.  It is not on your end.  What is really lousy is that this is no minor glitch.  iCloud is effectively not working for all iworks users so you would think the apple would notice folks with icloud accounts.  Apple does not do that. Bad publicity bad for sales.  So users spend time trying to figure out if the problem is on their end.  They had to bump me up to a senior person before acknowledging they had a problem.  If I called my cable company even the lowest level tech would be aware of the problem. 

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 (77,165 points)

    JMO 55 wrote:


    iCloud is effectively not working for all iworks users  


    Not true.  I think it is a minority, and that is why they are somewhat slow getting to it.  I and many others have had no problem (yet).

  • JMO 55 Level 1 (0 points)

    Interesting, I wonder if it is only effecting one region or certain accounts. I know that I am not the only one experiencing the problem as reflecting in message board comments.

  • forkies Level 1 (90 points)

    My docs are now properly syncing between devoces, I can view them on, and my ubiquity.log no longer shows my account as locked.


    No e-mail or phone call from Apple.

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