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From the simplest youtube videos to any netflix or hulu shows/movies, absolutely nothing is working. It seemed to work fine right after the update, but within a fee hours it all stopped. I just get a black screen with the spiral loading animation and the same animation by my wifi signal in top left. Now, IF i can ever get a vid to load, it takes about 3 minutes and just freezes on the first frame. Anyone else experiencing something like this??

Please help, i primarily use my iPad to stream video so at this point this thing is just a big candy crush machine.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 7
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    Bump, anyone??

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    I am having problems with my Netflix, youtube and video Podcasts.  Nothing is actually connecting to either show a video or connect to the net.  I am using Ipad 2 and have just upgraded to OS7.


    Ive seen postings that suggest uninstalling the app (this was a solution for the Netflix problem only) and then reinstalling it.  And something about cookies being involved in the problem.  I have to read more about this solution, as I think having to reinstall everything is rediculous action any program forces you to make.  Thats just bad programming.