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My phone is disabaled after IOS7 download. Computer wont let me do anything kos "FIND MY PHONE IS TURNED ON" so i must go to settings and turn off! How Can i PHONE IS DISABLED , ICLOUD BACKUP "sais NO! RESTORE sais NO, APPLE SUPPORT sais My IMEI CODE does not exist, ITUNES when it does recognize my phone demands my 4 digit code, then thinks it's my ipad4. Did iCloud get its name because it's head is in the clouds. Also did APPLE GET ITS name because it begins with the first letter in alphabet and it grows on a trees like the money I'm wasting trying too get apple to work with each other, let alone a third party. God forbid if I wanted to do something simple like " MAKE A PHONE CALL"

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1