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  • Keys84 Level 1 (0 points)

    sunohc - I had the exact same problem, and was missing alot of calls...


    I turned out to be a very simple fix for me.


    Go to:


    Settings > Sounds > Ringtone


    Scroll all the way to the top of the page to "Vibration"


    Mine was set to None. Select Vibration and set the tone you want, and it should work.


    You have to do this for all of the individual "Sounds and Vibration Patteren" in the Sounds menu.

  • titouenne Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm also sure it's an IOS bug...


    I made sure ALL my settings are OK. and it won't vibrate.


    I did have a glimpse of hope when i reset all the settings to factory. By the way, doing this enables the vibration for your default sounds. After this "soft" reset, it did work for 10 seconds, then stopped working again.


    So i'm CERTAIN that my vibration works but that the IOS does something funny.


    PLEASE fix this soon.


    Best regards,

    Titouenne from Montréal.

    Iphone 4 - 16 Gb - iOS 7.0.2

  • AMartini Level 1 (0 points)

    My phone stopped vibrating today, and this actually just worked for me too!  ("this" being a gentle slap on the back of the phone)

  • MrCamaleo Level 1 (10 points)

    yeah, this IS the solution for me!

    And I wonder for many other could also be

  • J.Tauber Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an I phone 4 and am experiencing the same problem of the vibrator not working after upgrading to iOS7. My phone is in excellent condition and has never been dropped or exposed to moisture. I would like to thank all those who have responded with their experiences and good advice, especially Nzdravevski, who first suggested the gentle tap to get the vibrator to work. I did this and lo and behold it works, but only for a few times, then it needs another tap.

    This leads me to the most logical conclusion; this is a hardware problem brought on by a software change. To label it as totally a hardware or software problem would be incorrect as it has affected so many different users and models. Given the fact that the vibrator is a mechanical device that requires a minimum thresh hold electrical current to work, it is logical that the tapping would reposition the rocker in such a way as to require slightly less current to engage. I am sure that in the mass production of these parts there are minute variations from unit to unit, thus explaining the reason why not everyone is having this problem.

    The fact that this feature worked perfectly before the upgrade leads one to suspect that the software is somehow commanding less current to the vibrator, perhaps to extend battery life. Also that there have been no significant changes to the vibrator parts as the I phone 5 is equally affected as the older models.

    What to do! I am, and have been a faithful Apple customer for many years. I am strongly opposed to getting a new phone or having perfectly good parts replaced for no good reason. I would like to the program designers to create an optional bug fix directly aimed at resolving this issue.


  • sunohc Level 1 (0 points)

    This is a major update to everyone who has responded to my thread.





    I went to the Apple Store today and it was unfortunately, an incredibly frustrating and disappointing experience for me. I talked to the Support Supervisor and he was very unhelpful:

    He told me that this issue is "really a small issue" because it's the first time "he's" heard of it so he says it's not really a big enough issue for Apple to pay attention to right now.



    Basically, what you said J.Tauber, is probably correct. A software change must have trigger some sort of a hardware change. This vibrate dysfunction happened right after I updated. I didn't drop my phone in water or anything.



    However, Apple tells me that there's nothing they can do, because after restoring the phone to factory settings, the vibrate still doesn't work and this is "their proof" that the problem is not a software related issue. I was under my 1-year Apple warranty when the issue happened (the day I upgraded to iOS7). I even posted this thread a week before my 1-year Apple warranty ended. However, I was out of the country until a week ago, and even though I took this to the Apple Store as soon as I got back, they are telling me that there is nothing they can do because I am "30 days" outside of the Apple Warranty.



    This is incredibly disappointing that Apple doesn't really care "what goes on" in these Apple Support Communities. They don't care that I brought this issue up (while I was in India) before my 1-year warranty was over. They don't care that this happened to me right after the iOS7 update (along with many of others who posted in this thread)



    My recommendation for everyone is to call their PHONE number support service and open up a case with Apple has it "officially" on file, especially before your 1-year warranty or Apple Care expires.



    If you don't have Apple Care and you're outside your 1-year warranty YOU'RE OUT OF LUCK. Apple does not care about your phone at this point neither will they really work hard to satisfy you as a customer. You'll probably have to take it to the Apple store and pay whatever the service fee is to change out the Vibrate Motor and there's no guarantee it'll work then.



    I'm having the vibrate motor replaced right now and we'll see if it does anything. I think I'm done with Apple products after this. I got to see first hand how they are LESS about helping customers and more about selling their Apple Care warranties: if you're a day outside of it and the issue was caused by their software update, they still think that it's not their problem.



    I got my iPhone back today after paying a $35 service fee, the vibration works again but if it had not been fixed, they said the only other option (outside of Apple Care) woud've been to have purchase another phone.

  • aeryt7 Level 1 (0 points)

    This was happening with my phone as well, and I checked all the settings that previous posters have suggested. Everything was set correctly but there was still no vibration using the switch, or for incoming calls, texts, or emails. It sounds silly, but some people said hitting the back of their phone by the apple icon fixed the problem, and this worked for me. At first I hit it with my case still on, which didn't help, but when I took the case off and hit it with the palm of my hand, the vibrate then worked.

  • CavAv8tr Level 1 (0 points)

    I spent a good deal of time chatting with Apple Support last night - They do not even monitor these forums. I gave the guy the link to this thread and told him he needed to pass this along to the Software Engineers (which he says he did...)


    Anyway, long of the short of it is that I can either send my phone in for servicing (5-7 Days) or they will overnight me a phone and I mail them back the "faulty" one. They would place a hold on my credit card for the price of the device until they receive my old one.


    Not real happy about that.

  • AIAC Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same issue. All my settings are ok; i restored the iPhone and now it vibrates but weakly and it's getting weaker every time. I chatted with Apple support and they told me it's most likely a hardware problem and that i have to take my phone to an Apple Store, big problem i bought it in USA and i don't live there.

    This is the third time i have to send my iPhone to USA for solving issues, the first and second time were because a mic problem, and now this!

    I'm really disappointed and hope to finally get a iPhone 5 that works properly.

  • hamiz50 Level 1 (0 points)

    Goto settings==>sounds==>ringtone==> on the top vibration select Alert (default). ;-)

  • aftrix Level 1 (0 points)

    Following steps fixed the issue on my end:

    Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Scroll All the way to top, and change from Vibration None to whatever the Vibrate pattern you want.


    I created my own custom preffered method, which is really cool from iOS 7, but by default it should NOT have been set to 'none'.

  • v2allen Level 1 (0 points)

    I had this same problem on a brand new phone. I searched around and I never thought this would work but IT REALLY DOES WORK.


    Set your custom vibration to a continuous vibration or download an app like iBrate. Something to keep the vibrate on continuously.

    While it's on hit or thump the back towards the bottom near the headphone jack.

    Keep hitting it (pretty hard) until it works.


    Sometimes the vibrator is stuck and just needs to loosen up.


    Hope i helped!

  • AIAC Level 1 (0 points)

    All my settings are ok. Even if i try to create my own custom vibration mode, the phone doesn't vibrate. Well, it vibrates sometimes, so something it's definitly not working right.

  • jonatanodicio Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, same problem here!

    1) I am not a IOS newby so dont tell me about "do not disturb"or "settings- sounds-ringtones...etc" obvously i have done all that.

    2) just updates to IOS 7.0.4 and the problem still presists.

    3) vibrator work well with IOS 6.X.X

    4) HELP apple needs to fix this!

  • philipfromtroon Level 1 (0 points)

    i would just like to add my problem in amongst the others,i have been monitering this for a while in the hope that someone would have a fix eventually but no luck, (checking do not disturb, and making sure the vibrate is switched on is not a fix for me) i would like to add that there is vibrate apps on the app store that should make your phone vibrate at the touch of a button regardless of your settings and these do not work either. This has been since update to ios 7 even if apple were to deny this ( i just cant be arsed travelling to glasgow to ask them)

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