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    Hi Double Canoe


    Your message got me very excited, as it sounds like you've got it sussed.  And you may well have.

    But sadly not for my phone!  Lol.


    When I go to Settings>iCloud>Account, the only option under Advanced is Keychain, and that's a dead end.  No settings to permanently remove deleted messages there, I'm afraid.


    Perhaps it's due to the country I live in (England), where certain settings aren't available.

    If so, I will blame our government.....they mess up everything else, lol



    Best regards


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    I have same issue as Steve. Only thing under advanced is keychain. I need to get this done because I can't update to the new software unless I delete the 2GBs of messages which are "saved" somewhere in my phone. This is very frustrating!



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    This left me with a dysfunctional backup and an error that i could not surmount.  i ended up losing my data.



    Mavericks (may be the issue that it's 10.9)

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    Can someone please update on this? I downloaded ibackupbot and followed all steps and like posted above, it says i dont have the room to restore the backup. I imagine all you can do is whipe your phone and download the backup modified backup right?

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    I would like to confirm that this works. If you back your phone up, then erase all content, then download the modified backup, it works. Your phone will come back with all that useless content deleted.

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    which one worked? the first or second method in this thread?

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    Hey Kurt or anyone else out there:


    I'd like to free up some space on my phone (4s with 7.0.2. version) by following these steps. Messages is currently taking up 13.1GB (is that even REAL??) and I work with a fluctuating available space of about 100 - 200MB. My question is once I follow the steps to free up space, and this might be an obvious answer, will all my messaged me deleted? As in, my texts and iMessages will all be gone?



    Captain Obvious

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    Kurty999 - this worked for me. 2.0Gigs of saved messages are gone forever.  Had to restart it 3 times.  thanks

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    Hi mate yes your messages will be deleted however you can save all your pictures to a hard-drive, because if your like me I fill up 16gb so quick. If this doesn't work click this link



    there's a few threads on this now and the above link takes you to the main one look at page 6-7 will show you the Ibot solution which works trust me and you can choose what you delete but does involve a a free third party programme you have to run on a computer but it's really easy and I put a step by step guide and a link where to download it on a safe site.


    There's over fixes too on the thread that people claim have fixed the problem which may work for you, I personally haven't  tried them.


    Hope it gets sorted mate


    Cheers kurt

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    Cheers mate glad it worked!!!!

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    Thanks a lot Kurt!

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    Kurtys way didnt work for me.


    I used Nick C25's way of deleting the content and it worked great for me.


    1. Now, make sure you backed up your phone.


    2. Like others, i edited the back up and then tried to update that backup and it said i didnt have enough space. You have to go to settings and whipe all the content off.


    3.Then, edit your backup as nickC25 said in his steps and upload the backup to your phone. This worked for me. ALL THE SAVED BACKUP ON YOUR PHONE IS BASICALLY ANY IMAGE YOU EVER OPENED OR SENT ON YOUR PHONE. I had over 6 gigs taken up and there was over 1200 images "saved" on my phone. You can pull all these off and put them in a folder on your computer. It is kinda fun, it was like a stroll down memory lane!


    4. I would also like to comment on one thing. If you clean up your texts and messages weekly, THIS DOES NOT HELP. I clean my texts out once a week and still had all these images saved in my phone.

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    Use the phoneclean app. It works like a  charm! cleaned out 14 GB of saved messages!

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    Although I really appreciate Kurty999 & a few others for the post on how to fix it I think I'm buying a new phone. My contract is up & I'm up for a discount upgrade. I've LOVED my iPhones, iPods, etc, but this is B.S. I've got 5 gb wrapped up in this stupid (saved) msg thing. My Daughter was in her first play this weekend & I was able to take 1 pic before it said I had no room & froze. I made sure I cleaned it up before I left too. If Apple can be such an innovative brilliant company, why can't they fix a glitch to keep loyal customers?

    I'm grumpy:-( LOL In the meantime I'll try your tips, thanks for the help.

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    This is all you need!!! - I just followed the instructions and it worked like a charm - 10-15 minutes of your time.  EASY!!!     - copy and paste that link