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How can I search for an album in the new iTunes (iOs 7)? I found that if I go back to the main iPad screen to activate a global search, I can get a list of musical pieces tied to an album the title of which I entered as a search. But if I click,on a given piece, it will start to play immediately. This is not what I wantnif I just need to get to the listing of a particular album. Is there a way to do this inside iTunes for iPad like I believe we could in the prior versions?

The iPad manual says that tapping the status bar in iTunes will open a search field. What is the status bar in iTunes? I tapped every possible area ion the iTunes screen w/o being able to activate that functionality.

Solved by Christian Barrette1 on Sep 22, 2013 7:38 PM Solved

I found it! The search field is way up in the album listing, before the A entries. On the right margin, there is an alphabetic shortcut on top of which an icon for a loupe, resembling the letter Q, will take us directly to the search function.