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Well, my iPad 3 is generally laggy since the update, but the Remote app (which had it shortcomings before*) is now BROKEN.


The aforementioned bottom buttons are unresponsive, and if they do respond, the 'More...' button gets stuck with the Playlists, Genres, Composers, and Radio list sticking up.


I deleted the app and reinstalled it from the App Store - though the latest version available is 3.0.1 from Jan 2013 - still broken.


I hope the Remote team at least turned out the lights when they abandoned this app...


*pre-iOS7 shortcomings of the app are:


  • No Lyrics display
  • Truncated album titles even in Album view - please show full album titles - would displaying the Year be too much to ask?
  • When using 'Play Next' or 'Add to Up Next' you lose the ability to set tracks to Repeat or Shuffle

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