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  • Robinmaile Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue on my iPad mini. Battery all of a sudden has a shorter life and sone of my best apps that I've never had problems with aren't opening or running right. And while going to an apple store for help in theory sounds great, not everyone has one in the neighborhood or time to take off from work or the ability to get out. The whole point of an update should be to make the product easier to use and better. This is an epic fail in my book. And I'm not adverse to change at all, I like it. I just think this change has too many negatives. Really, what are those pale blue thin lined icons? So lame to use and so unsightly. A lot of us line Apple because, face it, it looks good. Not anymore in my opinion.

  • yspice Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My wife has had the same issue on her IPHONE with short battery life compared to my phone.  But I close open tasks (app icons) and the new IOS7 has made that easier by slinging them to the top of the screen, compared to the old way of holding the x-out button down on the bottom row stuff.  Check what apps are running in the background.


    The big issue I found for Iphone relates to social networking use and there apps running in back ground.


    I have over 150 apps on my iphone and so far 50% of the apps I have seen updates on.   And so far have not had any fail to run. 


    Do you run Windows or OSX for your sync computer?  Also have you connected the Iphone to your sync computer for a complete backup and app update.?  Do you use WIFI at home of just stay on the cellular link some apps will not update via cellular.  All of these affect updates to apps.

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    I agree with you totally and I've had more problems after this update that I wished I hadn't updated it. The thing I hate the most is charging it more frequently plus my apps aren't working properly like before and the feedback I did get didn't solve the issue. I did get one email from apple support that there will be bugs that need to be fixed and that another update will be coming out to fix the problems from the iOS 7 update. So who knows

  • paula285 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I run windows on my computer and I do need to back my phone up again I have once since the update. I also close the apps by throwing them off top of screen. I do use my wifi from home. Thank you for your help

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    I believe Jonathan Ive designed the user interface of iOS 7:

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    My battery use to last 3 days... not on the phone much... This morning I unplugged it and now at noon it's half dead. The phone doesn't ring now, and calls go to voice mail... some of my apps don't work and I get no notifications of text messages. HATE ios 7

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    I have been in contact with Apple support.


    They offer no solutions other than to test my phone for issues.


    Found no issues.




    Solved no problems.


    Would not even acknowledge problems with the update.

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    I haven't contacted apple to make an appointment to see if my phone is the one with the issues but I just bought the phone. The apps I had downloaded worked fine until this new update us my battery would last along time and I could go a day without charging it and now I have to charge it  more than once a day so I don't think its fair for them to tell me my phone is messed up. I noticed last night when I looking at apps that there is not a preview section of the app. There's one picture then I click on it to read about the app and it's blank.

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    OK I had to run a test today.  Still running iOS7.0.1 full charge at morning departure from home.  Idle time during travel 1.5 hrs.  Face time 1 hr.  Surfing web safari 5 hrs. Siri 35 min making notes.   Battery on return 70% usage left.  I still am at loss what others are seeing.   On wife's Iphone 72% left from a 95% charge level to start.

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    I can get used to a lot of it. However, I just think the design scheme is ugly.

    I will have to find a new calendar app though. The new calendar app makes things decidedly less simple.

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    Because when you install an update you should have to troubleshoot and visit the genius bar.

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    Why should you have to troubleshoot and go visit a genius bar when you update? I didn't. Two people I had lunch with today didn't have to either.

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    You shouldn't. This update *****!  I want the look and feel and the drop shadows and 3D of iOS6 back. Plus the calendar and calculator, settings icon (gears do not work inside of gears, the new icon makes no sense and now doesn't match my older devices or my mac), and notes font back to what it was, and the ability to get into ipod without digging into the folder where it lives. I was able to do this before but now cannot.  The 3D and drop shadows help with old tired eyes like mine or anyone else over 40.

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    Send your feedback in and maybe the old 3D look will rerun or maybe some of it. The calculator app isn't much different than the old one, the settings icon is still a gear. I hated the old font in notes but it would be nice to make it selectable.


    What iPod app? Are you referring to the music app? You can move that anywhere you want just like in previous versions.


    I'm 63 and I like the new look and have no problems reading it.

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    I'll second deggie.  I'm 67 and have no issue with the new "look".  In fact, after using it a while, I rather like it.

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