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I used the app I my iPhone to setup the wireless router, and the network works great but i cannot get my wireless printer to work.

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    Ah for printing iOS does require a printer that conforms to the airprint standard.. does it??


    You might well need a Mac if your printer is not correct if you are committed to the printer.


    There are tools to help you print from iOS to a non-compliant printer like printopia but I am not sure if you can buy a PC version.






    There are several equivalent tools and there maybe some available for PC.

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    According to the Apple website it is a supported model.  As a side note I had this very printer working on the newtowrk when I was using a Belkin.  As far as I can the only thing I am missing is a MAC.  By Apples on words it is a two step process, yet the second step cannot be accomplished on a PC:



    Configuring a Wi-Fi printer is a two step process:

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    The setup of the printer depends purely on the printer.. Apple do not make printers.. so the printer company must supply a setup utility that works from iOS.. If they don't then you must have a computer at least to do the setup.. but once the printer is setup there is no computer required.

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    Turns out the issue was my own.  I had setup a static IP on my printer and when I changed routers the IP range changed from 192.168 to 10.0, my printer could not be found in the notwork.  I have reset the printer and it now works perfect.  Thanks