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Hello, I recently got an iphone from a friend who wanted me to reset the phone for her.

She hadn't told me that it was jailbroken (I presume it is, she has no idea). I resetted the phone (Erase all data & Settings), and while booting up it the spinning wheel showed up on a black screen it has been stuck there ever since. (picture attached)

The spinning wheel is in fact still spinning, it is not stationary - but there is no progress.

I have spent hours trying to find a solution, involving hard resets, entering DFU mode, connecting to iTunes, nothing works.

While holding down both power and wake button in order to hard reset, nothing happens, no matter how long I hold them down.


While trying to enter into DFU mode, itunes does noIMG_921.jpgt recognize the iphone. Nothing seems to work.


Could anyone help please?


Thank you in advance.

iPhone 3G