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For a while, I've noticed that my "other" category in iTunes on my iPhone 4S has been very, very large...about 5GB of space on my phone wasted because of all this "other" space being taken up. I never could figure out what it was. When I updated to iOS 7, it split the other space into 2 categories. Now "other" only takes up 1.28, while "Documents and Data" take up to 3.81GB of data.


I looked under the usage on my phone, and saw that "saved messages" takes up 3.7GB of space. I deleted all of my messages and rebooted, but it still stays at 3.7. I did some reading and found out that these "saved messages" are every single message, picture, video, etc. I have ever sent in the 10 months I've owned my phone. They are backed up and stored somewhere on my phone, and I have no idea how to remove them.


I've tried removing messages from spotlight search and rebooting but to no avail. I don't want to restart my phone from scratch, because I will lose over 900 contacts, notes, Wi-fi networks, etc. Does anybody know where these messages are stored on the phone and how I remove them? They are useless and if this keeps up, by the time my contact expires all the space on my phone will be taken up by useless archived messages that I can't even access.


iPhone 4S, iOS 7