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  • kwb27 Level 1 Level 1

    Let us all know how it goes and what they say. This is my second phone and second time having the issue. Good luck!

  • mrsnork Level 1 Level 1

    Same issues.  Right after registering the fingerprints it works fine.  After a little while it will recognize them only about one in five times, or not at all.  Cleaning the sensor seems to help a little bit, but nothing seems to get it to the appropriate level of accuracy without deleting fingerpritns and setting them up again.  Of course, that solution is short-lived, as it soon reverts to the same behavior. I also suspect a software issue or it wouldn't work so well when it is first set up.


    This is Incredibly frustrating, especially because Touch ID was the primamry selling point to upgrade to the iPhone 5S.  It is much quicker to just use a passcode with the amount of failed scans I am getting.


    Please post if anybody solves this issue.

  • kwb27 Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately this may be hardware. I suggest waiting a couple months (assuming your under warranty) for the next wave to come in and exchange.

  • colonel_ez Level 1 Level 1

    I dont really have a solution but:


    Monday after i got the phone i had problems (it had been fine for 3 days) i removed all scans and managed to rescan one thumbprint


    Since then ive only had minor issues (touch wood) i found last week when i was travelling in to, around and from London that it wouldnt read but it was more because of sweaty hands, handling tickets ect - i found that if i gave the sensor a quick wipe with the corner of my sleeve or a hoodie string it worked fine, since then i've not had issues - if my hands are sweaty it doesnt read first time but i wipe the sensor and it reads again no problem


    On the day i first had problems i couldnt get it to read even when i was sure the sensor and my hands were clean and dry so whether i had a problem and now i dont or ive just managed to deal with the problem i dont know


    I stopped in an apple store last week and spoke to them about it and they said so far only issues they had found was due to sweaty hands, the apple rep i spoke to over chat (and then on the phone) when i first had the issue said it was a software issue that had been reported



    I dont know enough about the sensor technology to say whether they can improve its ability to get an accurate read in more day to day conditions (read sweaty hands) without compromising the accuracy of the scan itself but so far whats been reported in this thread is that people who have swapped handsets havent had the issue so its not something we can fix by replacing our phones, time will only tell if they can fix it with an ios patch but for right now, mine is working - not as amazingly well as it did when i first got it but i've not had reason to complain about it for almost a week


    My only concern is that we all had problems after a few days of perfect performance and if its going to get worse over time then all of us having issues in the first 7 days of use doesnt bode well for the scanner lasting...

  • mrsnork Level 1 Level 1

    Well, yeah, defintiely under warranty because it's a new phone.  And I got Apple Care.


    I suppose it may well be a hardware issue because Apple claims the fingerprint data is stored on the "secure enclave" of the A7 processor that is inside the device.

  • SingingFriar Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue. White iPhone. It works great for the first day, and then gets pretty poor after that. Deleting and redoing the prints doesn't seem to help. Maybe it's the hardware, but it seems odd that it gets worse.

  • gozrula Level 1 Level 1

    I too have TouchID problems.  Apple has already exchanged my phone for a new one and I still have the same problem.  After about two days or less, stops recognizing fingerprint data.  In an attempt to ease access I stored five versions of my same thumb print at slightly different positions.  Didn't seem to help much.  Seems the stored finger data drains, gets corrupted and stops working.  I suspect it's a problem in the A7 register holding the data.


    The earlier comment regarding live with the problem until later phone builds are in circulation and the exchange under warranty may be the only answer.  Or just disable and live with it. 

  • KDawgAplin Level 1 Level 1

    having the exact same issue. conveniently though, my phone is now outside of the two week return period. Scanner worked flawlessly up until now (about 3 weeks) and now I cannot get it to register another print at all. My hands are not sweaty and I've tirelessly made sure the scanner is clean. I can't see this being a software issue, because the software has remained the same version on my phone! I will update to a later version (is there is on) and see if this does anything. Really disappointed in this after chopping in my old 4. If this problem persists, that's a lot of replacements under warranty! Because I'm not standing for 'just dealing with it' for 45 quid a month!!

  • Antoine234 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys,


    i 'm facing an issue which is very similar:


    i have upgraded my iphone 5s to ios 7.0.3.


    Now, i don't see "Passcode & Touch id" Menu but only " Passcode Lock" in Setting>General



    My device looks to don't recognize the touch id...


    i reset settings, restore from factory settings.

    Same behaviour.

  • Sirolway Level 1 Level 1

    Yup - I experience the exact same thing; register fingers & TouchID works fine for about a day. Then fingers are only recognised about 1 in 5 scans - probably less. Consistently poor like this until I delete & re-register fingers, at which point all is well for a few hours until it happens again.


    It's so unreliable I've pretty much stopped using TouchID. I'm hoping there will be a software fix at some point ....


    Not good

  • T.T.Imac Level 1 Level 1

    It seems to be an overall problem with the touch id regardless which forum i´m at.

    However this is the first forum where the problem is regognizing the fingerprint.

    All the other forum the problems that reappears again and again is two issues.

    First a problems with touch id. But unlike your problems this is a kind of restart issue.

    The screen goes black with the white apple logo and about 5 secunds after the ikons reappears.

    This happens several times a day, but stops when the touch id is turned off.

    The other issue is about the battery. Many owners has problems with battery life.

    My 5s had about 5-10 hours battery life on standby. I tried to turn off several off the functions

    like updates in background and other things. But no. Some forum users had written that they

    was succesfull with restore there iphones from itunes. That did the trick for me.

    About the touch id, i´m hoping its a software problem so it can be solved when apple sends

    a new update out.

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