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my Ipad 2 is about 2 years old, i have downloaded IOS 7


and now i keep getting a message that i have no sim card ... i am travelling and require my 3G when not in wifi areas


anyone else had this problem ?? is it related to the IOS 7 ??


thanks ...

i have tried to reinsert the sim card ,,,,, but have no paper clip !!!

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
  • Ipad4G Level 1 (5 points)

    Same problem after installing iOS 7 on my wife's iPad 2.  Taking out the SIM fixes it temporarily and then the problem is back.  Thinking it might be a bad SIM we took it to AT&T.  They replaced the SIM and it worked for about a day and stopped.  At this point I'd say it is a bug for 3g iPad 2's but judging from the forums, it also appears this is a bug for 3g iPhones as well.


    If anyone has solved this, please let me know.

  • brenden dv Community Specialists (5,720 points)

    Hi willismom,


    If you are having issues with a No SIM error message after updating to iOS7, you may find the following article helpful (the article is aimed at iPhones, but the steps should be the same for cellular-enabled iPads):


    iPhone: Troubleshooting No SIM




    - Brenden

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    Thanks gif the reply Brendan ,,

    I did all thus plus had Rogers put in one of their SIM cards ,, and it still doesn't work


    I think I will see if I can restore it 

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    apple care walked me through this.

    remove SIM card-with home button down, tray is on left side of ipad-can use small paperclip for eject button in hole next to card tray

    settings/general/reset/reset network settings

    reinstall SIM card

    so much easier if apple care would post things like this themselves

  • Ipad4G Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks Maxcl.  I tried the Apple care support way and still have the same problem.  Just yesterday i loaded 7.02 hoping  the update would help solve the problem but the iPad still disconnects after being connected for a few hours.  I'm afraid the only thing left to do is wipe and restore.  Has anyone found a solution that doesn't require a restore.

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    So I ended up going into an Apple store and found out the IPad was not reading the SIM card at all.


    It was something with the IPad itself ,,, so I ended up buying a new one !! Gulp !!,

    The original SIM card reads in the new IPad -


    Expensive ,,, but I need my 3G ..

    Thanks for all the replies ..

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    I have this problem as well on my iPad 2, right after updating to iOS 7.0 and still a problem after 7.02. This is obviously an OS upgrade issue.  Where's the fix Apple? And where was the warning about upgrading.  I am on the road a ton and this really is a pain.  I don't think I should have to get a whole new device just because an OS upgrade has sabotaged my iPad functionality. 

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    I hope I'm not jumping the gun, but after having the same "No Sim Card" problem after installing iOS7, trying the various "fixes" ... removing and replacing Sim Card, turning Airport Mode off and on, etc., without a permanent fix, just now I removed the Sim Card and cleaned the inside of the Sim Card slot on my iPad2. 


    To do this I took a thin flexible piece of plastic ... it's actually one of the removable collar stiffeners from a men's dress shirt, but a sized strip of cardboard would also work.  I folded a cut-to-fit strip of paper towel ( I used heavy duty Bounty paper towel so it wouldn't fall apart ... a piece of clean cotton would work as well) over the plastic strip, soaked it with isopropyl alcohol, and carefully slid it back and forth in the slot a couple of times.


    Then I reinserted the sim card and turned the iPad back on.  At first I got the no card message again, but after simply turning Airport mode off and on, then wi-fi off and on, it started working again.  This was a few hours ago.  I've gone back to the iPad several times now and when I've turned it on, it continues to work properly.  Only time will tell if this will work permanently, but since I've had the no card message non-stop for 2 weeks now, it's definitely encouraging.


    It makes sense, because one of the fixes was to clean the Sim Card.  Why wouldn't the Sim Card's receptacle be just as likely to get dirty or have a tiny bit of dust on it, stopping the connection? Wish me luck.

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    I have had the "No SIM card installed" noticed for a very long time, even before the iOS7 update. I've searched and tried everything! But finally mbriant's cleaning method FINALLY worked. I can't believe it! Time will tell how long it lasts, I will keep you posted if it doesn't. Thank you soooo much!

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    Thanks for the information,,, I am going to try this