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Hi, So I'm having two issues at the moment but I'll start with the "new conversations" issue. I just upgraded to the 5S and did a iTunes restore on the phone, restored using my backup and then activated iMessage which took a few hours before it actually happened. Any time I try and start a new conversation from my mobile (cell) number, iMessage automatically sends it as a standard SMS message (green) and not as a blue iMessage but when I start the conversation from an email address, iMessage works as normal but from "Messages" on my Macbook, I can send from my mobile number just fine so I'm not sure what's wrong.




The second issue I'm having is that on my Mac, I have way more messages from one of my contacts, they go back quite a while but on my iphone they only go back as far as start of September. Any way how I can get iMessage on my Mac to force sync to my iphone and reload all my messages?










iPhone 5s, iOS 7