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So, I use my ipad strictly for school.  The new iOS7 has made it extremely difficult to select my own background and get it into view.  I want to take a picture of my weekly schedule and make it my background, but the iOS7 is insisting on scaling my image.  iOS7 has decided that I need to be slightly zoomed in to use my picture.  Why can't I use the ipad screenshot of my schedule as my background? 


Plus, isn't work from 8 to 5? Or at least 9 hours counting an hour lunch?  If so, and assuming that people use their calendars to be productive, why is iCal now showing only 8.5 hours and forces you to scroll down to see the afternoon?  Apple, you're claiming you rethought this wonderchild, but instead you've lost practicality! Please stop trying to look like an android tablet and be smarter than your competitors!

iPad 2, iOS 7