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    Hey guys,


    Look I'm really worried. I'm having this loose / clicking screen problem, it's subtle, but I do notice it a lot. I'm really not comfortable with this since I paid U$D549 for the iPhone 5C 16GB white version!


    Since I'm in Argentina, and these phones are not yet sold here, there's nothing I can do! I have the US


    Does anyone know a way to get international assistance? Please! I'm really worried.


    Thanks a lot!

  • jaybaroni Level 1 (0 points)

    The same issue with me. I am brazilian and have an US version of the iPhone 5c (A1532 model). Here we have Apple, but no Apple Store. We only can get devices from Authorized Assistants. We have a government segment called ANATEL, who officially authorize devices to be used in Brazil. They actually authorized another model for he new iPhones. Until they authorize my 5c model (A1532), I have no assistance at all. I must wait for their analyses and authorization to get my phone to Apple / authorized Assistants or give to someone trade it in US.


    In other words, if the model of your 5c is authorized in your country, Apple will trade it, even though they don't have stores there (we send to them by mail in Brazil). I have to wait for the american models to be authorized here so I can exchange my phone. Otherwise Apple won't accept it.

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    Oh great, so I just need to check if the model is accepted? Mine is also the A1532.


    Thanks for the answer, will see what can I do and leave any comments if I was lucky!

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    Yes! Just check your model. You can call Apple for that, or any authorized assistance for that.


    Good luck and Merry Christmas! May Santa change your phone hahaha

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    My daughter bought the 5C in October 2013.  In November, we made an appointment at the local Genius Bar to ask about the screen popping (sounds like the home button) when you press on various parts of the screen.


    Person at the Apple Store replaced the phone saying they agreed it didn't seem right that the screen should make that popping noise, though the screen was still solid within the plastic case.


    The new 5C eventually started doing the same we returned to the Apple Store in late December.  This time, they said the popping sound was a "design feature".  They claim the Apple engineers designed the screen to "give" to make the phone more durable.  They said they were not told of the "design feature" until they had replaced a bunch of 5Cs.


    I explained that my fear was that the "design feature" would eventually result in a flaw with the 5C after the warranty expired.  They said that the 5C just won some award and I should not worry (like those awards mean anything).  They also suggested I purchase Apple Care in case there was a problem after the warranty.  Of course, I pointed out that the 5C just won an award and I shouldn't need Apple Care.


    The 5C screen seems to pop more when it gets hot from use.  To this point, it does not affect the function of the iPhone, other than to annoy my daughter when it's doing it a lot.


    I've seen many reports on various websites of this issue, so thought I would share what Apple is now saying (at least at my local store in St.Louis).

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    I have the same issue with my iPhone 5C white 16GB, the screen is making this popping or clicking noise, and it is only 7 days old.

    So far, I understand that replacement of the phone by Apple Store will not solve the problem, right? I that is true it doesn't make sense to lose my time in the store.

    Please if somebody has find the proven fix share it here.


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    I think that is absurd. It's a fault, not a design feature. They are clearly just saying that in an attempt to cover it up! As advised above I got mine replaced. It's been a couple months or so now and so far I have had no popping.

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    I have had my Iphone 5 c for 3 months. I keep it in an otter box commuter case. I took it out today to clean the screen and replace screen protector. Noticed the screen is loose, pops and moves up and down when the slightest pressure is applied. Top right and down the right side of the screen.

    Called apple and they said they would replace it. Said I could get a replacement sent to me but a hold of $679 would be applied to my credit card until the old phone was sent back. Otherwise I would have to send my phone in first and not have access to my phone for a few days. Not an option as it is my only means of communication.

    The other option was to have Verizon replace it. So I was transferred to Verizon by apple. Verizon then told me they could send a replacement and then once they receive my old phone they would determine if it is an issue with the product being damaged by me or a problem with the phone/ screen itself. Then the Verizon rep began to tell me he's a 5 year employee and never heard of this issue ever. Not once, when I argued nicely that its all over the Internet and apple forum he argued that's the Internet....not necessarily true. I told him regardless, this is not my problem, it should be replaced or repaired. He then said chances are they will say this is not Verizon's issue and ill be charged anywhere from $100-$500 for the replacement phone.

    S tomorrow I am going to the Verizon store to speak to a rep in person and have them see for themselves the issue. Hopefully this will be taken care of ASAP. Otherwise I suppose I'll go through Apple and let them put that $679 hold on my c.c. Until my phone is received by them .

    Seems crazy though that I have to go through all of this for a product that is so well known and thought to be one of the best.

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    Thanks this really helps i have the same problem with my green 5c and im really sad. But do u need an appointment for getting the screen fixed or whatever bcuz my 5c also has clicking noises at the top left part of the screen and mostly the lower right. I hate it alot but yea do u meed an appointment or can i just go whenever and get it fixed whenever bcuz my dad has a wierd scheduel and i dont know for sure when were gonna go so that i can set up an appointment. Thanks :)

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    I have the blue Iphone C and the screen decided to pop out on the top left today as it sat on my table. I have an appt. tomorrow morning at Apple so xx fingers...

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    I Have had my Blue iphone 5c since Christmas and I was seeing some lifted glass and some noices being made when I was using it near the bottom left. I was just saying to myself it's ok... Until it reacher to the left side and now on the top of the phone. I tried asking my friends to see if they have the same problem and they said no. I asked them if they felt/heard anything when using the phone, and they noticed too. And my question is if this defect it covered under apples warranty because the sleep button is starting to rattle and it's visible that the glass is lifted

    if you have is on a table. I am very worried and I have seen previous comment on the same thing! I hope apple reads this and replaces all of our devices because we pay high prices for their devices!

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    Add me to the list of folks this is happening to. It's one of those problems that doesn't seem that big of a deal now, but in thinking of my row year contract, what will it be like in a year and a half? To anyone who got a refund and upgraded to the 5s, I've seem this is an issue for 5's in general... Did this solve it? And did apple offer a discount for the 5s for the troubles? Debating a trip to my local apple store.

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    Had the same problem with a 5C that is a week old. While I can't answer your questions about changing to a 5S and if apple would offer a discount what I can say is that apple replaced the screen for me instead of simply swapping out the phone which for most people has just led the clicking to resume. However the new screen that was fitted in store on the same day has not failed since so I would reccommend you do this instead. Not sure if this in-store service is available at all apple stores but the one I went to (Covent Garden, London) could could do it in an hour and a half.

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    Been a few months since I had my 5c and the popping is back.

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