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dramatic_sheep Level 1 Level 1

I got the green 5c on launch day (UK) , however its only today i noticed that the glass on my screen seems slightly loose on the right hand side?


It doesn't seem to have affected the functionality of the phone, but if i press the right hand of the screen i can feel it moving up/down and it sort of clicks. I was debating taking it back to the apple store on my day off to ask them and maybe get a replacement, because its kind of annoying, plus I did pay nearly £470 for it..

I know the 5c is more cheaply made but I wasn't expecting to have this sort of problem 3 days into owning the device?

iPhone 5c, iOS 7
  • Jamalarr94 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 5c now in the UK! have scoured every inch of the screen and i can say thats a rogue one.. my screen is not only firmly attached but also feels very solid when pressed.. No give in it at all!! take it back ASAP



  • dramatic_sheep Level 1 Level 1

    Thankyou! it seems to have popped back in for now but I am NOT taking the risk of it happening again. I'll be taking it back on Thursday I think

  • Jamalarr94 Level 1 Level 1

    Good plan, glad to help..

  • dramatic_sheep Level 1 Level 1

    just a small update, it popped out again today, now has gone back again tonight. So this is happening frequently.

    Surely apple will have to replace this handest as its within the first 14 days right?


    My main fear is that itll be popped back in when I go to the apple store tomorrow! When its in, it seems like nothing is wrong with it!

  • Jamalarr94 Level 1 Level 1

    Yep, 14 day return, try to get pictures of it when it loose/hanging out a bit.. Will back up your claim.. They should replace it straight away.. They're usually pretty good at believing you..

  • Art Dog Ninety Level 1 Level 1



    I have bought 5 iPhone 5c's for my family.  2 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green, and 1 pink. So far just our 2 blue iPhone 5c's have a glass clicking issue. Though the other ones seem to give a little at the middle right and left, but do not click.


    The ones that have this problem do not do it all the time, but when it does, the glass will make a clicking sound on the middle left and/or middle right part of the glass. Sometimes the LCD shows pressure with liquid being push to the left or right where you press. You can feel the glass move up and down (as minute as it is).   At first I thought, wow this glass feels soft!  I have had hardwood flooring that does the same thing and the "softness" or "give" usually means there is an air pocket underneath certain parts. In this case the non-reinforced areas are most likely the middle-left and middle-right parts of the screen.


    This problem can come and go. Might be hard to video as it is so minute. It is like the glue sticks for awhile and then refuses to stick in certain areas. The glass contorts and flexes. The steel corners obviously do not move but the gorilla glass does. My guess is the middle left and right are the weakest parts of the screen where it has the least support, the glass will flex there and the glass may contort slightly at the corners creating this popping effects.


    By now with the Gen 5 style size screens, Apple should have put something in the middle left and middle right areas to re-enforce the steel frame in those areas to help keep everything level to prevent this unnecessary problem.


    I have my Appt. at the AppleStore Sunday Oct 26. 2013 11am South Park. Hoping for a hassle free day.

  • Art Dog Ninety Level 1 Level 1



    Took the two blue iPhone to the South Park Apple Store today. The tech replaced one out right away. The other he felt was normal.  As soon as I got in the car, the one that wasn't replaced started clicking again.  This time I decided to video tape it while the glass was clicking like a banshee. I took the video with me and showed it to another tech. 


    Comment on Time: It took a total of 2 hours to get 2 bad iPhone's replaced.  If Apple had replaced both phones on the spot, it would have taken less than 15 minutes. 

    Apple has good personalized service. But they need to figure out how to step it up a notch. There are always 2-3 or more Apple people standing around when the store is packed and they could be helping customers.  Seems like they have a specialist for everything and maybe a generalist approach would be better. Their product line is too simple not to cross train is a crime against outstanding customer service.

  • Tiny1304 Level 1 Level 1

    i have a blue iphone 5c and i also have a pink one.


    I took both back today to be replaced due to the blue one screens clicking and the pink one moving up and down above the sim tray.


    since getting home my partner opened his blue one and the bottom corner is moving up and down again when he hasnt even put his sim card in, i dont know about anyone else but i have had enough of this problem we are on our 3rd iphone 5c since they came out.


    Anyone else had this problem and actually got a phone that the screen doesnt rise?

  • mwbeatty Level 1 Level 1

    I have a blue 5C and it does the clicking as well. Guess I should take it to my local Apple Store.

  • mrchanbong Level 1 Level 1

    i had the same problem with mine and i took to apple store and they replaced straight away no cost they just looked at it and replaced with fresh one and this one has no issues with screen

  • Reuben Feffer Level 2 Level 2

    I have a white iPhone 5c, which was delivered to me on 20 September 2013. I have a great eye for detail, and the iPhone was totally fine. It felt really solid in the hand and well made.


    In the last few days (today is 30 October 2013), the glass has starting clicking. It doesn't happen all the time, but often when I pick the iPhone up, and put my thumb in the left-hand corner, I can feel the glass moving independently of the plastic frame, and making a faint clicking sound.


    Obviously I'm outside of my 14 days in which to request a return. The thing is though, within those 14 days, the screen wasn't clicking. I tested it thoroughly and everything was fine, at the time.


    Presumably if I take it to an Apple Store, I'll end up with a refurbished iPhone 5c? It's generous of them, but not ideal, considering this iPhone 5c is brand new.

  • Art Dog Ninety Level 1 Level 1

    If it's a manufacturing defect which it is, you have 1 year w/o AppleCare+ to get it resolved and 2 years with AppleCare+. It is covered under warranty. This is what my first Apple genius told me who rejoiced out my first phone but denied the second because he not repeat it.


    Providing a video to show a manager at Apple helps.


    The scree. Is supposed to be ins piece, but when mine would make the clicking, it seems like the glass is loosing its bind with the LCD.  If that I'd not the case then the screen unit is not screwed in properly allowing the screws or brackets to slide.


    This seems like a problem of the past but if every 5c eventually does it through normal use


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  • Reuben Feffer Level 2 Level 2

    Thanks for the reply.


    The thing is, the problem is so subtle, and the Apple Stores are so loud and chaotic, that I'm not sure a Genius would notice it. It's certainly not something you'd see on video, unless you had a really good macro lens. It's the kind of problem you can feel (sometimes) and hear (if you're in a VERY quiet room).


    I'll keep a close eye on it, and I'll go to Apple Support online (and get something sorted out on the telephone) if the problem gets worse. I really hate going to the Genius Bar and having to "prove" faults with luxury products that definitely have manufacturing defects.


    As you said, it could be that all iPhone 5c's suffer from (or will suffer from) this problem.

  • eggshelly Level 1 Level 1

    I think the only way to prevent this from happening is a case.  Lifeproof is coming out with a new case for the 5c.  But I agree, if Apple and everyone else only made better phones, we could keep a billion phones out of land fills over 10 years.  (I assumed a constant 140 million phones thrown away every year and what would happen if they lasted three times longer).

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