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I recently had my iPhone carrier unlocked by AT&T. I performed the full restore and updated to iOS7 at the same time and during the update process I also restored my backup; when I tried to access the internet however my data was not working. I tried to find the carrier settings in the cellular section of the settings but nothing was there. Undeterred, I thought maybe the restore process had been flawed as I had set my phone up from backup during the update. At that point I went ahead and did a full restore again without restoring from the backup this time but the carrier settings stil did not show. At this point I'm stuck with an iPhone that has no access to data even though I should be able to update the carrier settings on my phone - for the record my new carrier is Straight Talk. I did contact their customer service and they advised me to visit a website that would update my settings but that's not what my goal here is. What do I need to do to get the data service on my iPhone working properly?

iPhone 4, iOS 7
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