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Hi everyone


Hopefully someone can replicate this!


Since upgrading to the iPhone 5S, some of my notifications (e.g. Mail, Foursquare) will appear as nomal in the lock screen... but the most recent one(s) will sometimes then ALSO appear as a banner, once I unlock my device.


Is anyone else noticing this behaviour?


A few thoughts I've had on this so far:


- It's only happened so far when I use TouchID to unlock the phone - therefore, could iOS be assuming that (if the TouchID unlocked the phone REALLY quickly), that I may not have seen it, and so sends me a banner too?


- With the above in mind, I thought that perhaps the M7 chip was showing me duplicates if I hadn't used my phone for a while (incase I'd missed it), but if I wake the homescreen first to scroll though my notifications and THEN use TouchID to unlock it, the notification will sometimes still appear as a banner.


- I don't know if this happens on password entry too, as I will always be using TouchID moving forward


- This problem may not be unique to the 5S, especially if TouchID is not part of the cause


- It could just be a bug.



Anyone else?





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