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My iPhone 4S started behaving strangely after upgrading to iOS 7. The memory fills up within an hour, and after this I have to reset it to free up again. In Settings:General:Usage it says that the additional memory is used in "Calendars & Reminders". More specifically in "Events".


I logged the memory use from the phone being "empty" until the memory was used up after around 45 minutes.



This is what it looks like in the usage overview. Note how the Calendars & Reminders are suspiciously big.

2013-09-23 08.26.18.png


Using IOS 7, on a 16 Gb iPhone 4 model MD235B/A. Model firmware is 5.0.00

iPhone 4, iOS 7
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    It should be noted that there are no Exchange accounts or similar feedng the data to the iphone. And it fills up equally fast on wireless and while on 3G data only. So I do not think the data is actually transferred to the telephone. It is as if some recursive event data continues to copy itself. Also I am having troubles opening my calendar.

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    Seems like bringing content all the way from iPhone 3 (or was it 2?) and to iPhone 4S has led to some funny things going oon in the phone. The lack of tools to properly back up message history and other data - to later import it to my IOS7 phone is annoying.


    Seems like commercial software is available. But this thing is really not something in the favour of continuing to use IOS...

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    Do you have Facebook app installed on your iPhone ? Did you allowed Calendars to use your Facebook account ? (Settings -> Facebook -> Allow these apps to use your account)


    My wife had the exact same problem than you (Calendars using 9 Gb of memory...), she disallowed Calendars to use her Facebook account and Calendars is now using only 32 Mb.


    Hope this will help.

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    I have the same symptom on my iPhone4 after applying iOS 7.0. I removed all my Accounts, including Facebook, Google, and all mail/calendars/etc. I even removed iCloud, then re-added it. I don't get it.

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    i am having the exact same problem. very frustrating

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    I have the same problem with a filled memory using my WiFi iPad 2, iOS 7. Even after removing all accounts and everything I could imagine that uses the calender, 8 GB is used on "Events" before restart and 819 MB after.


    The iPad is extremly non-responsive and the calendar is filled with "New Event" at 00.00 the day after tomorrow.


    Have anybody found a solution to the problem?


    Do any of you know how to remove this data?

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    Sorry I don't have better news to share, but I ultimately reset my iPhone and restored my content from my latest backup. The good news is, since then, it's been fine. Good luck!