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My 4s has had no WIFI issues until i updated to iOS 7. after the update it worked for about 20 hours then disabled. I noticed my wifi was no longer connected, i checked the wifi was on and it was, still unable to connect i restarted the phone and now the WI-FI button is grey, dim and wont switch on. However Bluetooth does work fine, so I’m thinking it’s not the chip.


network setting reset

factory reset..... itunes crashed while restoring my data so now unable to re-sync my personal data

battery drain



nothing seems to fix this issue ! after reading forums it seems a similar thing happened when iOS 6.x.x was released, my 4s is out of warranty, apple seem to be taking no responsibility for the issue, clearly caused by the update as had zero issues until that point… which I find “convenient” as it so happens to co-inside with new iphone launches.


Please help anyone in the same boat ?


not a happy camper!



iPhone 4S, iOS 7
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