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    Btw, my response wasn't really intended for PapaBear, just how I got my iCloud to work in general with my iPodTouch.   (still not very familiar with this site).

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    Can you tell me where you found the download for the 2.0 or 2.1 version? I been searching and all I get is the 3.0



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    The February 2014 issue of the Scientific American page 28 goes into detail about the problems and Apples lack  of PC support. And why Apple is continually forcing its and NSA's version of the cloud on PC users.  I think it addresses why we will not see the problem fixed though we spend thousands of cumulative hours trying to have the problems fixed.  Conspiracy I think not, unless you call marketing and security holes conspiracy.  Bad Apples.

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    I have Icloud 3.1, tried the old icloud 2.1 , no solution but when I chnaged the 3.1 default location on my PC to my old My Pictures/photostream and did a test pic from my iphoine , it downloaded via Wifi where I expected and showed up in my Picasso.

    The other pictures originally missing were in the iCloud changed by them location called Icloud/photostream


    It would seem that is the solution...




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    That's encouraging.   But so far, I've not even found where to change the default.  I think it's pointing to my pictures.  Can you elaborate on what you did?




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    Hello Dave,

    In my case I had a photostream with pictures but stopped working after 3.1 Icloud PC version. What I did not know was it was being stored in their new default location.

    So I was able to change to my prior location,  see screenshot.

    I did test two pictures afterwards and they did show up in a few seconds.. surprise

    I will admot prior to v3.1 I sometimes would turnoff the photostream in icloud, apply and then restart.

    Open up iCloud on your pc, go to the Photos section and click open options, a new window will open look for at bottom, icloud photo locations and open 'change' then navigate your harddrive to file . In my case ,per picture



    hope this helps


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    Resetting the photo location back to what it was for iCloud 2.x seems to have worked for me. It is working the best it has since I upgraded to iCloud 3.0. I am embarrassed as I thought of this at the beginning but didn't try it. In my case I had deleted the old folder name (Photo Stream) so I created a new, empty folder and then changed the photo location in the iCloud control centre. For the first time in months I saw the new pictures from my device show up in the folders.


    I had tried backing out to iCloud 2 and all it did was cause Windows to malfunction.


    I wonder why Apple saw fit to change the folder name in the first place?

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    This simply does NOT work for me.  It was one of the first things that I tried.  If that worked, all I would have to do is look at the folder that Apple defined - but that one does not exist.


    We're not on the same wavelength.

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    Sorry it did not work for you. The file folder might be hidden.

    At this point I can suggest you re-install iCloud and follow the prompts,. you will see the default folder name displayed.

    Once known, copy a pictuire into the area... sometimes a blank folder does not show contents


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    Well, that was a good suggestion and nearly satisfied our need.  When reloaded, I defined a unique new folder for the photos to enter - and they did, at least some did and I must assume they are the ones in the iCloud storage. 


    Must say I was very happy.


    Then I took some more pictures.  They haven't shown up in the folder ... and it's been hours.




    Thanks anyway.



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    I tried everything and this was the only thing that worked for me:



    1. Open Task Manager (ctrl, alt and delete) and end ApplePhotoStream.exe and AppltPhotoStreamDownloader.exe if they're running.
    2. Go to your Users folder and navigate to the following path: C:\Users\Dean\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MediaStream\  - Obviously my user folder is Dean but yours will be the user that you're logged into Windows as.
    3. Delete everything in that folder.
    4. log out of icloud, and then log in and re-activate the photos option
    5. it should start downloading again your photos


    This tip by pepms worked wonders for me! Thank you

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    WAHOO... well, sort of.


    OK, this is interesting, because it somehow led to a solution.


    First, when I went to task manager, ApplePhotoStream.exe and ApplePhotoStreamDownloader.exe were not running.  The only thing like that was ApplePhotoStreamUploader.exe.  So, first I tried to delete the files in the ...\MediaStream\ folder - no dice, because of the aforementioned ...Uploader.exe.  So, I killed it and deleted the files.  Then I finished the steps outlined. 


    NO DICE - Still no MyPhotoStream updates.  HOWEVER, it told me that my Outlook was no longer syncing to the cloud and asked if I wanted it to.  YES, of course.  So, I told it to and it shut down Outlook and merged the files.  INCLUDING my photos.  When I went back into MyPhotoStream, the long unmerged photos were there.  Moreover, when I took a test picture - WHAM! - there it was in my PhotoStream. 


    I hate not knowing why something like this is happening - and what MyPhotoStream has to do with merging Outlook data falls squarely in that basket.  BUT IT'S WORKING!  ... for now.


    Thanks, Viper3773 -



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    PapaBear60, I am glad to have helped indirectly

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    Luv it

    It would seem depending , to my mind. on how the processes were installed originally and ones system makeup as we have gotten results in a varity of ways.

    I did a test picture on my mobile today in the mall's WiFi and found it downloaded when I got home..

    In my case I use Outlook also and Outlook has a connector part installed  so your contacts and calender portions are updated in both directions. As into iCloud and back to/from ones PC/. To my mind this interaction also acommodates the Photostream part as that is the iCloud setup.


    Here is a snap of Outlook , note left top for connector active and top right for refresh icon

    As in make a change on PC and activate right away or wait for next reset





    Outlook also has under Tools a Trusted section and under Addins is the modules for ICLoud Outlook


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    My photo stream on Windows 8.1 is not working after mid January. I am using icloud control panel 3.1.

    I tried signing out and signing in to icloud control panel and used the new default folder for icloud photos - only random photos are downloaded then it stopped.


    I hope Apple would come out with a solution soon.... This is really frustrating!

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