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Hey there Apple Support Community!


Quick question.


Ever since updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 I've had a weird quirk when unlocking my phone.


When I slide to unlock, many times it activates Voice Control. It's quite frustrating, especially since pushing the home button doesn't close it out. So I have to sit and wait for it to close out on it's own, or wait for it to do whatever it thinks I said (like call a random friend) and then close it out.


That said, some quick Google research about disabling Voice Control has only netted information on how to disable Voice Dialing and VoiceOver, but these are not the same thing as Voice Control, because even with both turned off, Voice Control still continues to pop up.


Anyone know if it's possible to completely disable Voice Control alltogether, or at least from the lock screen?


Thanks for any and all help you can provide!

iPhone 4, iOS 7
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    Turn it of here.


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    jshgambit wrote:

    Anyone know if it's possible to completely disable Voice Control alltogether, or at least from the lock screen?



    Sorry, no. There is no way to do that, & the above post about restrictions won't help you, as there is no restriction setting for this.

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    Well...that stinks. Thanks for the help!

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    You're welcome.

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    U can turn off voice dialing with the new OSX

    Voice dial can not be turned off but I can stop it calling people

    Go settings - general - pass code lock - and turn off voice dial


    It will still come up with voice control - but at least won't randomly in ur pocket call people you have not spoken to in 10 years.... Who u never want to speak to! This is seriously the worst thing about apple iPhone!


    Wish u could totally turn off Voice control! It's absolutely ****!

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    No you can't it greyed out, as it says below the switch to disable it, "Music Voice Control is always enabled" 


    There is no way to disable this feature, I for one think that's really stupid....Why on earth would a feature be locked on?  They have a switch to kill it, but your not able too diable it. Is it any wonder why people jailbrake these phones?

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    This is such kaka. The iOS 7.1 update completely wrecks my iPhone 4 is this the way to treat the people who use your products? Do you not test the compatibility with your systems? You could at least give a warning: attention people this little piece of crap you are about to install will make your phone unusable from now on. Would have been nice. I cant imagine you do not test it on all platforms so this is a purposefull act wich is even more sad you just do not care.


    Annoying when the development kit for support for the iPhone 3 was kicked leaving a lot of people needing to throw away their phone.


    Now this... the update should make the phone better... now it makes it slow in such a way that I see the the screen gliching when scrolling even though I have closed all apps and shut off wifi and all else, the ahole voice controll randomly calls everyone in my phonebook. hahaha this is a joke. You should enable people to turn of your crappy designed add-ons. Especialy if you do not put the effort in to make them supported for your own designed systems. What a fail... Thanks guys!!

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    Thanks for that Info WJosten, Looks like from now on I will have to think twice before buying any used or outdated IOS products from Apple Inc. I don't seem to see anything wrong in them trying to keep up the demand & space for their New Products....Cheers :-)

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    This helped me in part. Thanks. But I still had to listen to the rant from my hubby regarding "I" products...