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I bought a MacBook Pro, osx 10.8.5, Safari 6.0.5 and Facebook keeps logging me out.

I don't have this problem with my iPad.

I already tried to delete cookies and cache, restart safari with no success.

I tried also to quit Safari and delete Keychain Access Facebook passwords, restart Safari and after ensuring that user names and passwords are selected in Safari > Preferences>Autofill login to Facebook entering username and password and select "Keeps me logged in" I get logged out after a little time without activity.

What should I do?

  • Eric Root Level 8 (45,155 points)

    Try using another browser to see if the same thing happens. Trying to see if it is a Safari problem or possibly a web site problem.



  • Alexandra Lopes Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Eric


    I used Chrome for accessing Facebook for the last 12 hours and I'm still logged in.

    It seems to be a Safari problem.

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks again and have a nice day

  • Eric Root Level 8 (45,155 points)

    You can try resetting Safari by going Safari/Reset Safari. You may not want to reset everything, so un-check the boxes you don't want to have to fill in again as noted in this Safari Help topic. This will reset some caches.


    Reset Safari


    If you use a shared or public computer, you may want to reset Safari to deter other people from seeing which webpages you visited and other information about how you used Safari.

    Important: Plug-ins—small apps that perform specific tasks, such as playing multimedia files—are often installed to extend computers’ capabilities. Some plug-ins store information about which sites you visited. Such information is not deleted when you reset Safari, so resetting Safari may not remove every trace of your browsing history.


    1. Choose Safari > Reset Safari.
    2. Deselect any items you don’t want to reset:
      Clear history:Clears the list of webpages you viewed, empties caches, removes website icons, and clears the list of recent searches. Also clears the Java website settings list of websites set to Block Always.Website icons are small graphics that help identify sites on the Internet. You see them in the address and search field, the bookmarks list, and other places. You can see your recent searches by clicking the magnifying glass at the left end of the address and search field when it’s empty.
      Reset Top Sites:Clears any changes you made to Top Sites, such as adding or pinning sites. If you also clear your history, your Top Sites page reverts to showing the webpage previews displayed when you first installed Safari.
      Remove all webpage preview images:Clears any thumbnail images Safari saved of webpages you viewed.
      Reset all location warnings:Clears any information that websites saved about your location.
      Reset all website notification warnings:Removes all record of websites that you have allowed or denied permissions to post Notification Center alerts.
      Remove all website data:Removes cookies, tracking information, and other data that websites stored on your computer. Also clears the Java website settings list.
      Remove saved names and passwords:Removes user names and passwords that Safari automatically fills in at websites that require them (if the AutoFill feature is turned on).
      Remove other AutoFill form text:Removes information you’ve entered in a web form while the AutoFill feature is turned on, excluding information drawn from your card in Contacts (or Address Book in OS X Lion). Removing AutoFill information does not remove information from your card.
      Clear the Downloads list:Clears the list of files you downloaded from websites. Only the names are removed; the files themselves are still on your disk until you remove them.
      Close all Safari windows:If you don’t close all Safari windows, someone could use the Back and Forward buttons to view the webpages you visited.
    3. Click Reset.

    The other thing you can try is deleting the com.apple.Safari.plist.


    Quit the application.


    You need to look in your user Library/Preferences for the .plist. Either hold down the option key while using the Finder “Go To Folder” command

    and select your user Library in your home folder or use the Finder Go To Folder command and enter ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Safari.plist.  Move the .plist to your desktop.


    Open the application and test. If it works okay, delete the plist(s) from the desktop.


    If the application is the same, return the .plist(s) to where you got them from, overwriting the newer ones.


    If you prefer to make your User library permanently visible, use the Terminal command found below.


    Show User Library


    You might want to bookmark the command. I had to use it again after I installed 10.8.5. I have also been informed that if you drag the user library to Finder it will remain visible.


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    Hi Eric

    -Reset Safari - everything but usernames and passwords and facebook keeps logging me out.

    -Moved com.apple.Safari.plist to desktop and facebook keeps logging me out.


    Any other suggestion? Thanks in advance

  • Eric Root Level 8 (45,155 points)
  • Alexandra Lopes Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Eric


    Thanks for your suggestion,That was my first try, I read that discussion before posting. I had no success deleting cookies and cache.

    I've no extensions.

    Any idea? thanks in advance

  • Eric Root Level 8 (45,155 points)

    The only other thing I can think of it going to the Facebook web site and see if you can find something in their support community or see if they have a contact link.

  • Alexandra Lopes Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Eric


    Yes, I can do that but:

    It doesn't seem to be a facebook problem, it doesn't happen with me iPad.

    It doesn't happen when I use Chrome in my Macbook, it happens with Safari (we concluded it with the trouble shootting you provided).

    I think it's something Safari related that keeps logging me out, but I've no idea what to do.

    Do you think I'm wrong?

  • Eric Root Level 8 (45,155 points)

    No, but since I don't use Facebook, I can't think of anything else to suggest.

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    Having the exact same problem with my new MBP.

  • Yolanda S. Level 1 (5 points)

    If your facebook page is logging you out all the time try deleting the SKYPE app. Go to Facebook settings then apps then delete SKPYE app that is all.


    I struggle with this issue for more than a year until somebody posted this solution in another site and it did it for me. I hope I can help someone like someone helped me, good luck!

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    Hi Yolanda


    Thanks for your suggestion and I appologize for the long delay answering (I'm in Africa with limited internet access).

    After quiting Skype facebook is working fine with Safari.

    It seems to be something funny between Safari/facebook and Skype.

    Thanks for your workaround, I'll launch Skype only when needed and try to avoid to keep it running when I run facebook.