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I had the Iphone 4S and then I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 because I thought the Iphone was too strict. On my SG3 I can stream videos and movies with no problem. I can view web pages in desktop or mobile view. Being able to stream movies or videos is really important because that is what I mainly do on my phone besides play games. I like the Iphone and I am thinking about getting the Iphone 5S now but before I do, I just want to know if you guys are able to watch videos online or stream actual movies online?


And NO, I am not talking about youtube videos (although that would be great as well), I am talking about like if I miss a tv show and I search online to see if someone else has maybe watched the show and decided to put the video on their website, On the SG3 the video plays perfectly, Can I do that with the Iphone 5S with the new IOS7 software??


Thanks guys for your help.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7