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I am having an issue with my iPhone 5 and iPhoto. When I plug my iPhone into my Macbook Pro, iPhoto does not show my iPhone as a connected device so I can sync photos/videos. I have searched high and low for help on this issue and most of the help I find is OLD and they advice isn't applicable or doesn't work.

Someone suggested deleted all photos that were NOT taken by the iPhone. That didn't work. Another article suggested deleting the iPhoto cache and that didn't work. I plugged my iPhone into another Mac and it does not show up there either. It can't be my cable because I can plug it in to my Mac and it is recognized and syncs with iTunes just fine.

I tried creating a new library in iPhoto and that didn't work.

Can anybody help me with this issue? I have not tried resetting my iPhone as new and wanted to hold off on that as a last option.


I have an iPhone 5 (iOS 7), a Macbook Pro (Latest OS and updates, 10.8.5 ) and iPhoto '11 9.4.3