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I'm having problems with my iTunes account in my Macbook. None of the music I have in the cloud is accessable to me. A few days ago I tried to update music on my iPod and instead of adding music it erased almost everything on it. After that much of my music collection was grey. I tried all sorts of things, such a reinstalling iTunes and nothing helped. I asked today in the Apple store and an employee there suggested I de-authorize and then re-authorize the computer. The sum result now being that none of my music in the cloud is visible. Strangely enough, I can still see and play the music from my iPad and iPhone. Any suggestions?





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    I had a similar problem in the first 2 days after IOS 7 was released. iTunes Match would not update, and previously matched tunes showed "waiting". After many attempts to resolve the problem... Re authorizing my computer, numerous forced updates iTunes Match... the problem has resolved itself. As of Sept. 22, all functions have returned to normal. Playlists and artwork for 110G working, and access able from all my devices.

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    Thanks C.A. I'll keep trying.