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I have two sets of calendars set up sync over the air with my iphone.

- icloud, for all my personal stuff

- bespoke CalDav server set up using Davmail.  This syncs with the office 2003 exchange server.


Before ios7 this worked perfectly. 


However since installing ios7 on the iphone 4s the Davmail calendar disappears after a couple of minutes.  The icloud calendars are not affected.


The issue is the same with the iphone 5s which has been set up as a new phone.


I expect this issue is a compatibiity issue with the Davmail server.  Has anyone else having a similar issue with non icloud calendars?


Thanks in advance....

iPhone 5s, iOS 7
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    I am having the same issue with DavMail.  It seems that the DavMail Calendar shows up then gets deleted in some sort of loop.  One min the calendar show up the next min it's gone.  Then it's rinse and repeat.


    The calendar is fine pre ios7 I have an iphone 3 where it is still working fine.


    Would love to see this fixed.

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    That is exactly the issue that I am seeing with Davmail over CalDav.


    I am accessing the same server on the ipad running ios 5 and on a Mac without any issues.


    Good to know it is not just me but this does need to be resolved ASAP.

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    I have to exact same issue with calendar disapearing with Davmail (4.3.4-2174) and  IOS 7.0.2

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    I am also having this problem with IOS 7.0.2 and Davmail (4.3.4-2174).


    My Davmail server works perfectly with IOS 6.1 and various incarnations of Thunderbird accross Linux/OSX/Windows


    The problem does seem to be with IOS 7.0.2

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    Actually, this is a User-Agent problem.


    Davmail does not recognise the user-agent of IOS 7 which is causing the problem.


    The latest CVS of davmail has the fix, and I can confirm that it works (even though it was jumping through hoops to get it to compile on my rather messed up CENTOS 5 system).


    I would guess that the next release version of davmail will have this fix included.


    Otherwise if you can't wait, go for this:




    Use CVS to chekout the latest version (As per instructions above) - I built 4.3.4-2184-trunk


    I had the very devil getting the build to accept that I had Java 1.7 installed, and had to modify the build.xml file to remove the java version check, and all references to it, and them look for the compile target and modify the java 1.5 to java 1.7 (both source and target)



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    I tried build 2187 of DavMail and it is better, but no cigar. The calendar is not disapearing from the list of calendars anymore, but I don't see my appointments. It's interesting to note that the Mail app in OS X Maverick is working fine. Also, still have the MIME issue on IOS 7 with build 2187.



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    The new version of davmail has now been released which fixes this issue.