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So I noticed a couple of weeks ago songs I purchased were not showing up in the playlists I put them in.  I had to go in there and manually re-add them because I figured it was just happening with songs I recently added to my playlists.  But then, I noticed other songs from way before were also dissappearing, I realized it had nothing to do when the song was added.


Recently I updated to latest iTunes (w/radio) and it was having trouble contacting the match server.  All of a sudden I am left with playlists missing half their songs (some with songs I recently purchased), and I would like to restore my playlist information so that I can overwrite whats on the match server.


I don't even know where to begin to extract the playlist data, I am assuming I can look for this on my time machine?




iMac (work) - where I buy all my music, has no contact with my phone

iPhone - I rarely if ever manipulate playlists on here

MacBook Pro - where I sync my iphone too, backup, general stuff, having itunes match means I don't have to deal with syncing songs or playlists, well, except my ipod.