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  • ribz33 Level 1 (0 points)

    Little message from france to give my personnal experience on subject...


    So like everyone i have same problem after update to 7.0.2 with my iPhone 4S.


    I decide to wait 7.0.3 to see if this fix it but problem is again here.

    So I decided to call apple support.


    First the "IOs Advisor" told me than i need to pay 200€.

    In France there is an european law that protect every buyers during 2 years, i explain it, and advisor is agree with it.

    He told me to create a claim request. First he ask me if my iPhone has any visible damage.

    I say yes a little thing but it arrived before my update and so before my wifi greyed.

    So he explain me that there is no way for me to have my request approved by claim service.


    I decide to stop conversation and tell him that i will see with my personal legal assistance.

    This was 2 weeks ago. I didn't take time to do it again.


    I dont know why but this evening my wifi is back and i can connect to my home wii !

    For how many times i will see but iphone is warming...

  • pwrchord Level 1 (0 points)

    I decided to contact Apple again and ask for an iOS6.x retrograde.  They said they are a forward-only looking comepany regarding OS's!  What hubris!  Forward only is OK if the one you've pushed every one to get onto works!  Can you believe the pair on Apple!?


    I went through my case again and was graciously offered the opportunity once again spend $199 on another 'new replacement' i4S.  I can only presume that one would work with iOS7...but who knows?


    I'm trying to reach one new tech-blog per day and tell what's going on.  I hope to at the very least stop some unsuspecting current i4S customer from making the mistake of doing the iOS7 upgrade, and at best, I hope to cost Apple some hardware sales when folks read what great support they provide when there's a known fault on thier end.

  • DDD Designs Level 1 (0 points)

    I recently dropped my iphone 4 (running iOS 6) in the toilet.  I tried fixing the iphone myself but it is damaged and won't take a charge now.  So I went to the AT&T store and picked up an iPhone 4S for $.99.  I don't want a tablet for a phone so I opted away from those horrid iPhone 5Cs and 5Ss.  Unfortunately this iPhone came with iOS 7 and I asked if I could get an older iPhone from stock with iOS 6.  They didn't have any in either black or white.  My new iPhone gets really hot.  I found this thread and decided to keep my Wifi off.  I didn't use it before on my new phone for more than a few minutes.  Had I not found this discussion, I could have seriously damaged my iPhone 4S using the software that Apple is forcing me to use - "at my own risk".  I can't believe the attitude that Apple has about not letting people downgrade their software to iOS 6.  It is just insane!  We buy the hardware.  They should be glad we gave them the money for this hardware.  iOS 7 has too many issues in my opinion to not allow the customers to downgrade.  My iPhone still gets hot if I use the Facebook app.  I have a thick case on my iphone and can feel the heat through the case.  Without the case, the screen gets a little too hot to touch at times.  I think the 4G celular antenna is overheating as well.


    Note to Apple:  Microsoft makes software and they are really great at it.  It is my opinion taht they don't do too well in hardware.  Apple makes hardware and is really great at it.  iOS 6 was great software.  iOS 7, not so much.  Please let us downgrade.

  • pwrchord Level 1 (0 points)

    Apparently, pride does go beforeth the fall.


    iOS7 seems to suck on iPhone.  It seems fine on my iPad 2 & 3, FWIW.

  • DDD Designs Level 1 (0 points)

    Apparently it is true that Apple has been censoring the customer posts.  I am not allowed to mention the word that describes "crime families".



    I'm not sure what it is that Apple doesn't like about my post but here it is...


    ** UPDATE: 4GS was supposed to be 3GS

  • pwrchord Level 1 (0 points)

    ...almost like the Gubmint....

  • mattgagman Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple is the most arrogant company I've ever dealt with.  Spend $199 to get another device (that could stop working as well - or do they know what is wrong??) for a problem that they caused-unbelievable.  I guess as long as people line up by the millions to get the latest and greatest release of the iphone, ipad, etc that they won't care about the tens of thousands of users that they alienate by not caring or recognizing the problems that they cause.  I've been a loyal iphone user since the beginning and would have likely upgraded to the 5 in a few months when my contract was up.  I have also purchased multiple ipads and ipods as gifts - that all ends with this current fiasco.  I've already upgraded one ipad to a Samsung Galaxy Note and will likely pay out of pocket to ditch the 2 iphone 4s devices that are on my plan and not working.


    Thanks for nothing Apple.  Neither phone support, nor in store support offered any relief.

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    if it's normal for the iphone to get warm then the fault should not happen, so my point been the heat did not fry the wifi but the ios7 has bugged it out!.

    i'm due to take my 4S in on 11/20/2013 to see a "Genius"  for wifi and bluetooth issues.

    ill keep you all posted......

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    For giggles, I put my phone in the refrigerator for a while (15 minutes).  Nothing.  Greyed out Wifi is now a apparently an iphone feature.  I'll bet wifi will work just fine when I buy my two new Galaxy phones in December.

  • Al626 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello everyone,


    I ended up selling my iPhone 4 on eBay, even without WiFi, for $155, I'd recommend doing the same as it's going to be difficult to get any help from Apple in regards to this issue. Good luck.


    Thank you

  • pwrchord Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks - PT Barnum said it best I guess.


    As I type this, 7.0.4 is downloading now - I was prompted this morning to update for 'bug fixes' but have little confidence it is 'the' fix....

  • dertom1895 Level 1 (0 points)

    Puh,... reading all of this really took the last bit of hope that there will be a solution for this issue.

    Funny thing, the phone (also 4s) isn't even mine. Someone gave it to me (installed iOS6), so I can install the iOS7-App I should convert to another big mobile-os (you know what).


    Another guy installed iOS7, everything went fine, I took it home, had wifi for 2days but since yesterday not possible to connect to wifi anymore. The strange thing, I actually can see the wifi-networks(so there must be still some life in there) but can't connect. Bluetooth(mentioned often hand in hand with this issue) on the other hand seems to be dead.


    7.0.4 doesn't change anything as well (what was actually clear reading the changelog).


    Status Quo: Having a borrowed iPhone 4s, resetted to factory setttings, that cannot be activated. I'm very happy!

  • dertom1895 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ah, by the way, the iOS6 -->iOS7 update was done via air not via itunes. Would be interesting how you guys did the update.


    Sry, would have edited my post, but edit isn't available anymore. They should update their forum-software as well, so I can edit my post even though people (at least one) replied but were deleted (got the reply via mail as well)

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    I plug into itunes for updates.  They have the updating piece down pretty well; it's just thier OS's aren't fully baked upon release and they're arrogance makes a Window's team of coders look like pikers when it comes to admitting they FUBAR'd the release.

  • pwrchord Level 1 (0 points)

    I just read the following post to this thread in my email inbox, but when I try to find it here it tells me I am 'unauthorized' to view.  I assume Apple took it down, so here is another bite at the apple, so to speak from good ole cut & paste:


    Re: wifi greyed out after update to ios7

    created by Maureenalthea in Using iPhone - View the full discussion



    I too am having this issue (in addition to a sucky battery life). After a trip to the Genius Bar and feeling like my problem was my fault then an hour + long phone call to apple, My issue is finally being resolved. I did tech support for a while and have awesome troubleshooting skills. I was told by the Genius that the WIFI and Bluetooth are the same antenna and that when one doesn't work the other shouldn't. I then showed him bluetooth was fine and my WIFI still didn't work. He practically ignored my logic and said its 'generally' an antenna issue, even after I had just proven it was not.

    After leaving I was furious (sorry to anyone who saw an angry shopper cussing her way to the car...) I knew this was caused by the IOS7 but obviously could not prove it. I had called apple previously (I live in the states) and had to circumnavigate their automated system by using my mac serial number (the first call prompted me to visit the store for more support). I called back (again had to circumnavigate because my phone is out of warranty). Finally my issue is being resolved by an apple customer relation specialist.

    All I can say is this is Bull. We purchased a product that worked fine until the manufacturer INSISTED we update it, never disclosing the battery issues or WIFI issues (and I say insisted because Apple is very proud and loud about how many iphone users download the new updates and promise all these amazing features for FREE...insisting in my book)

    The best analogy I can compare this to is a car. A car that you purchase and works perfectly fine(lots of $$$ like an iphone), and some time later provides you with a upgraded tires. Wow these tires are awesome. They make your car so fast, they perform better in all weather, and flashy. And the best part is they are providing it to you for FREE. That's right Free dollars and those fancy new tires are yours.

    Now you get those tires, put them on and ten miles down the road your axle breaks. Can't drive no where. but your engine still runs, but obviously the car is not working. And now the best part is the car manufacturer wants to charge you to fix it. Doesn't really seem fair right?

    Its the same problem. Apple should disclose possible issues or explain these upgrades are being tested for flaws. This is a major issue, Wifi is a huge component of this phone and this needs to be fixed on their dime. If a lot of customers are having this issue, one could determine that there is a manufacturers flaw that has been exhaserbated by this upgrade.

    I (polietly) told my reps on the phone that I love Apple products and in the past endorsed them fully, but I would no longer being doing that if they did not resolve my issue. I don't abuse my phone and should not have to pay for hardware malfunctions.

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