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    ...that is the same reply I got to mine and I also couldn't open it...

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    I recently upgrade to IOS 1.07 and appear to be suffering the same issue as all the others who have posted to this forum.  Yesterday I was not getting a Wifi connection and when I went into Settings I found that the Wifi option was greyed out.  Like others, I followed their advice to restore the network settings, switching on and off, chilling the phone, etc. but nothing worked.


    Then I found this forum.  Sadly this does not provide me with a technical solution to fix the problem, however, it does seem abundantly clear that the only solution is to send it back and demand a new one within my consumer rights.


    I am absolutely astounded at the attitude of the (presumably) Apple representatives on this forum who seem to be in a total state of denial.  To tell their customers that they should have taken out an extended warranty for something that is clearly inflicted by Apple's own software upgrades is simply unacceptable.  And it is no good hiding behing evidential proof; the sheer volume of posts on both this and other sites clearly indicate the root cause of the problem.


    Unless Apple address this and take ownership of the problem, I can only see this backfiring on them in a big way.


    I will get a free replacement phone, of that there is no doubt.  Whether Apple end up bearing the cost remains to be seen.  In the meantime, I have two other iPhones and two iPads in my household which have also been upgraded quite recently and I will be watching very closely to see what happens to these.   I also have several within the company.  If they go the same way, and Apple continue to deny any repsonsibility for the problem, then I will switch all the handsets away from Apple.  Morover, any decision to furnish the sales reps with iPads will be posponed pending any change of heart from Apple.  It goes without saying that I will make quite sure than all those with whom I am in contact are made aware of the situation.

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    I thought that the issue Wifi is greyed out goes on.

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    The WIFI and Bluetooth functions on my iPad 2 ceased to work after I upgraded to IOS 7. As I sat in the Verizon store yesterday waiting for the clerk to bring me the new iPad I was about to buy, I saw on the display models that a software upgrade was available. I cancelled my purchase and went home to upgrade to 7.0.4, hopeful that the WIFI problem would be fixed. Alas, the bug fixes listed for the IOS 7.0.4 didn't even mention WIFI or Bluetooth. The latest IOS did not solve the problem. I still have no WIFI or Bluetooth on my iPad.


    I don't know what I'm going to do as far as replacing my iPad. I use it every day in my work. If Apple is not going to step up and acknowledge the problem it created and stop blaming widespread hardware failure for the problem, I am hesitant to buy another Apple product. We have iPhones 4 & 5 in the house. I'm hoping they don't catch the WIFI issue. Steve Jobs would never have allowed such a widespread problem as this to go unaddressed. Apple, step up, take responsibility for your mistakes and make good on them. It's the right thing to do.

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    Join the Club, but don't worry - according to apple it's just a 'hardware problem' and you can buy a replacement unit for $xxx.

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    All apple has to do is open up 6.13 and 6.1.4 and that will fix these issues. These issues are NOT hardware issues.

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    DDD Designs wrote:


    All apple has to do is open up 6.13 and 6.1.4 and that will fix these issues. These issues are NOT hardware issues.


    + 1

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    I agree that giving people the rollback option would be the ultimate test. If the problem is in iOS 7, things will get back to normal. But then it would be an admission of guilt. It would mean that Apple has been feeding us lies from Day 1. Also what about those who have already paid various significant amounts for replacement devices? They would be entitled to some form of compensation, wouldn't they? I think someone at Apple made a bad decision about how to deal with this issue, and now whatever they do they will have to take responsibility. Whether it is a bad chip which THEY put in our devices or bad software which THEY designed and insisted we should install, it is their fault. In chess it is called "zugzwang". And it appears they are sitting on their backsides waiting for this boil to dissolve itself. Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Malus... Losing wifi is like losing a limb, and I will never forgive Apple for what they did to my beautiful iPhone...

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    Sounds a lot like Obama and Obamacare. If you like your wifi you can keep it. A lie. Those older devices were "substandard". Another lie.

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    It is indeed difficult to not see the similarity between Apple & the Administration...not to turn this into a political thread because as big of a catastrophe as losing my employer healthcare will be when the Employer Mandate is restored, not having Wifi on an iPhone renders its use to 'casual' vs. go-to at the very least.  I don't own a smartphone for casual use and am not volunteering to go backwards at this time.


    In both cases, the 'smartest people in the room' are telling you to not beleive what your lying eyes are showing you.

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    It's funny. Apple recently removed one of the definitions of the word gay upon the request of one fifteen year old girl. The masses can scream for making a rollback to 6.1.3 but turn a blind eye.


    Sure makes sense to me.

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    I totally agree with you. It is quite apparent from the hundreds of complaints that this is a serious problem with the latest operating system and that the resets only provides a temporary fix, if at all.

    My problems started a couple of days ago, firstly the Wi-Fi "fan" logo disappeared even though wi-fi was apparently fuctioning. Then after a few hours it too failed. Then I got several screen freezes, had to do several resets, on several occasions buttons were either completely unresponsive or greyed out. It is driving me crazy and I can now see from all the other complaints that is is nothing to do with my hardware but with the latest software.


    I don't see WHY I should attempt the so called 'fix' of backing up the iPhone, wiping it totally and restoring from the backup; obviously this won't work,as the device will still be running under the same OS and Apple need to admit that their software is flawed.


    The French take to the streets; these days we should all take to social media and create a huge worldwide outcry about this software disaster until Apple admit their failure and give us a solution that really works.


    Otherwise, millions of us will be heading for Samsung.

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    My daughter iphone 4s is having same issue even you upgraded to new ios 7.0.4......Hopefully, Apple will fix it soon...........

  • DDD Designs Level 1 (0 points)

    They won't fix what they won't acknowledge.

  • sodapple Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple might have to acknowledge the existence of the worldwide howls of protest about them frying their own Wi-Fi chips via the upgrade. I can see this problem leading eventually to a "Class Action" lawsuit, once enough people become aware of it via social media and Consumer TV programmes (such as "Watchdog" here in the UK).


    If you have had this problem and are not getting any support from Apple then join a consumer group that will PUBLICISE IT and just watch the Apple sales (and their share price) tumble.

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