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    vaportrails2002 wrote:


    why does Apple let this guy spam the boards?


    Have you tried reporting him?  That's better than 're-spamming' his replies.


    Two wrongs don't make a right.

  • kexicus Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep good point, and why is he on this particular thread?...because he knows there's thousands of us out here with the same 'hardware issue', which just happens to be a software issue and he's trying to coin in.  Him and TJBUSMC1973.  If you aint got a problem with it then why are you on here? defend apple's good name?......pffft!


    Oh and by the way, it's not a complex analogy you wrote, just a s**t one.  Heres a better one.  If i eat in a restaurant and the food is bad, i don't go back.  That's precisely what i'll be doing in this case!  No issues with the phone at all until the upgrade and now thousands of us have the same problem???...You live on the planet Zanussi mate!

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    Today my greyed out wifi seems to have fixed itself.  The only thing that happened last night is that the excessive battery drain caused the iPhone to shut down.

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    Even i have an issue about wi-fi gray dim and i also try to restore, network reset and etc. Still nothings happen to fix this i hope the admin of apple read this problem in this forum.

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    Whoah, Bobdc6, same thing has happened to me! Wifi working, ditto bluetooth, menus not sluggish anymore, only battery drain is still something awful (battery lasts some 18-20 hours with ordinary usage), but I can live with that.

    Now the details: Yesterday my battery died, and the phone turned itself off. I noticed that late in the evening (it had been off for maybe one hour), so I plugged the phone in, waited for it to power up so as to unlock my SIM card, and presto-chango! this morning my wifi is back up! I don't know if this "spontaneous self-resurrection" will hold, so I'll keep people here posted (meaning I will let you all know if wifi dies again).

    Now I REALLY don't know what to think. To the best of my knowledge, nothing PHYSICAL has happened to the phone: it was not exposed to excessive heat or cold, I did not shake it or drop it or hurl it at the wall, nothing at all occurred that would be out of the ordinary. If I am to believe dear old TJBUSMC1973 who claimed some posts back that "it is the device that is defective", I must come to the conclusion that my fried wifi chip has "unfried" itself! IT IS A MIRACLE!! IT IS A SELF-HEALING IPHONE!!! EVERYBODY SAY HALLELUJAH!!!

    Now, seriously, if this thing starts happening to others, and especially if starts happening a lot, and if it lasts, will this not clearly point to a software glitch which has fixed itself with the passage of time or after some unknown combination of program events or (this one is for conspiracy theory buffs) through some quiet intervention by Apple programmers? This is a bona fide question to those who understand such things.

    I am itching to nominate some characters here for a Schnobel prize in electronics, but I'll hold off the gloating until I am positive this Lazarus trick is irreversible.

    P.S. (Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam! (Translation: Apple still must explain what the **** was (is) wrong with these phones. Its silence is irritating and disrespectful to its users, to say the least.)

    P.P.S. Important update: the wifi button is no longer grayed out, and I can turn wifi on and off, but I have to see if I can actually connect (there are no wifi networks where I am now).

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    Well... Apple f**ked up with the 7.0.4 update (especially for the iPhone 4S). I've been reading a lot of other forums.. something related to the wifi chip used commonly in the 4S and some late iPhone 4 models resulting in overheating and shorting of the chip causing permanent damage.

    This is a very common issue with 4S users and a lot of them have an out of warranty 4S. A few Apple stores are replacing the 4Ss for free of cost after much pursuation but MOST of them are charging 200$ which is absolutely ridiculous! Why should we pay for Apple's f**k up??!

    In iPad's case.. I personally know people with iPad 2s & 3s suffering from a pathetic wifi reception ever since the upgrade to iOS7 (all the way upto 7.0.4). Apple, as always, is quite shameless to not have accepted their fault... not bothered to fix this issue that is plaguing iOS devices since the release of iOS7. I hope the jailbreak community comes up with a fix!!


    I'm so glad I didn't blindly update my iPhone to iOS 7. (Which is was a couple days ago)

    Some 4S users claim to do a clean firmware update from scratch (avoid OTA). Once that is done, set it up as a new iPhone. Restoring a backup is causing a problem for some.

    If this works for you, then you might have to lose your previous data and start building up your phone contacts etc all over again


    Apple, at least have the decency to allow users to downgrade to iOS6 rather than extorting your loyal consumers of 200$ or requesting them to wait for the 7.1 release in March 2014.

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    Since Apple wouldnt help, none of the suggested ways worked and the board had a company mentioned that repairs this, I asked them to repair it. They fixed it. WLAN works. It is now 3 weeks and no problems so far. So I do not think this is spamming, because it helped. Apple didn´t.

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    Same issues here.

    Wlan +  bluetooth greyed out...

    Nothing works to solve this problem.

    My german provider said the repair costs 200 €.

    The iphone is 18 month old.


    Come on apple, why do you "Think different"?

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    I do not see anything bad in pointing out, that it is an issue that needs a repair and that someone does it. WLAN iPhone 4s problem bothers people and if there is an affordable offer to repair it like podmod does, it is just a possible solution. So we learned that it is a hardare problem, that apple will not repair it without payment and if you need it badly, get it repaired from someone who knows how. If you do not like it, do not use it. Classifing solutions you do not like to be <<inappropriate>>, is not a way to go. Likewise I can say, that using the hairdryer or putting the iPhone in a freezer is not something that makes the iPhone WLAN work again, but rather something that can make the iPhone irrepairable.

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    I have to say that I tried the hair dryer method about 2 months ago and it worked great.  My wifi grayed out on me again after I let the battery drain down to nothing and guess what???  I heated it with the hair dryer again, cooled it in the refrigerator, did 2 hard resets and 1 network settings refresh and it is back again.  I have no idea why this works, nor is it a permanent fix.  All I hope for is that it keeps my wi-fi going for another 4 months until I can jump ship and get a Samsung.

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    Defects in hardware can cause intermittent performance, low-quality performance, or even non-performance.  This is nothing new.  The fact that you don't understand that is irrelevant.


    Wi-fi greyed out has been around for a long time, even prior to iOS 6.  It's not a software issue.  If it was, then ALL devices running iOS 5 through 7 would have this problem.


    If it's not software, what's left?  Hardware.


    You don't have to do anything 'odd' to the device for the hardware defect to manifest.  The heat generated by the iOS update (not the code itself, just the fact that the processor is getting warm) can reveal this defect.  And, as stated previously, a defect can cause temporary, permanent or intermittent performance issues.


    Ever had a car that sometimes would stall out, but then started back up perfectly?  Or one that usually ran just fine, but occassionally wouldn't start, for no apparent reason, but after a few minutes, it starts up fine?  Intermittent performance issues, caused by a defect.  There even used to be a name for them back in the day: 'gremlins'.


    So, yes, a defect can cause intermittent performance issues, or even temporary ones.


    In the end, if all troubleshooting steps are performed, as recommended, and the issue remains (whether temporary, permanent, or intermittent), then it is a hardware issue.  And that means the device needs service.


    And we've already talked ad nauseum about what the options are.  No need to reiterate them.


    If you don't like the options, that's not a technical issue. It's a policy issue, and THAT is prohibited from being discussed on this forum.  Direct your concerns about Apple's policy directly to Apple, at


    The technical question has been answered, many, many, many times.  Now, it's gotten into policy discussion.  That needs to stop, per the Terms of Use of this forum.


    Good day, all.

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  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    And this guy knows all this by joining the boards today, or is this just the same spammer under a new name....hmmmm. I wouldn't send anything to podmod if they did the repair for free after reading their reviews online. Everyone is out to make a quick buck on our troubles! Shameful....especially the spam.

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    Which part?  The fact that a defect can cause intermittent, temporary or permanent performance issues?

    The fact that discussing the policies of Apple is forbidden on this forum?


    Be more specific.  The fact that you fail to be specific leads me to believe you don't actually have a valid counter-argument.

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