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    Prokhozhy wrote:


    Csound1 wrote:

    Now is your chance to reply.

    I thought I knew why my wifi was not working - I generally agreed with TJBUSMC1973's view that the wifi chip - which must have been substandard from the start

    Then why aren't any of my IOS7 devices affected?


    Now, can you please answer these two questions: Do you know why it WAS NOT working? Do you know why it IS working? If you can, please try not to sound so condescending while you are at it, because I am NOT AN ENGINEER.

    I have no idea why your phone was not working, (I dont have access to it), but I do know that mine is (and my iPads are)

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    To the best of my recollection, mine is the third case of such "spontaneous resurrection" mentioned in this thread. In all cases it happened after the phone had switched itself off due to battery drain.

    I don't know if this unexpected improvement will last, and if yes, for how long. Also, the battery goes quite fast, even though not as fast as others here have said (normally, it is good for about 12-14 hours with minimal use).

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    After a short analysis of the bug wifi / bluetooth is a software bug, because the MAC addresses of wifi / bluetooth are accessible from the outside using a utility apple, but not from the inside using the iOS7 affected system.


    See this for more information :

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    Then why aren't any of my IOS7 devices affected?

    The consensus is that an overwhelming majority of devices that have been affected are iPhone 4S models. There have been some (but very few) reports from iPhone 5 and iPad users. Also, not ALL iPhone 4S units seem to be affected. Basically, the cause of this debacle remains a mystery, and Apple's silence on the matter is not helping to calm down those who have lost the use of an important function, especially those whose devices are out of warranty and who have to pay for repairs or replacements.

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    As stated previously, defective or damaged hardware can cause temporary, intermittent or permanent performance issues.  In your case, it seems to be temporary.  I hope that it does not resurface.


    In regards to as why Apple is not publicly responding with more than the troubleshooting article, that's not a technical question; it's a policy question.  As such, it has no place on this forum.


    I do think, personally, that Apple should address the issue.  But since this isn't the right place for that, I (usually) don't bring that up, except when there's a need to clarify that I'm not 'defending' Apple, just simply explaining what needs to be done, under the current scenario.

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    TJBUSMC1973 wrote:


    vaportrails2002 wrote:

    Apple should fix this...enough said!


    Apple DOES fix this.  For free if you are within warranty, or for $149-$269 if not.


    why the price range?




    Again, no matter how many times you post a statement on this forum about wanting Apple to change their policies, it will have no effect.  Use the feedback channel.




    Apple makes it very, very clear that this forum is for user-to-user assistance only, with very rare instances of a technical question that goes unanswered for a day or two getting address by a Community Specialist. And have you seen the questions they answer?  All they ever answer are the relatively simple, straightforward ones, with a link to an article that may or may not address the issue.


    You're not going to effect any significant change in Apple's policies here.  In fact, other than simply stating WHAT the policies are, that's the limit of this forum.  The WHYS & WHY NOTS are prohibited.


    This is one of the misconceptions I try to correct.  Complaining about Apple's policies here is futile.  A waste of time.  So, when users do so, I try to direct to them to where their efforts while have the possibility of having an effect:




    Apples policies are you know what (trying to behave) and If I can educate people on how Apple is treating it's customers and it keeps someone from buying another iPhone...good! Hey, I've had every iPhone from the 3s to the 4s and planned on getting the 5s now that my contract is over..."planned" is the word!



    You're one of the users still laboring under a misconception.  You continue to rant on this forum that Apple needs to fix this, fix this, fix this, fix this...



    As I stated above



    And have you received ANY response from Apple about this?  Nope.


    Not on the boards here, no,,,, but they told me anyone with a 4s with grayed out wifi after the iOS upgrade is just out of luck!




    Stop driving yourself crazy.  Stop wasting your time.  Stop spitting into the wind.


    Use the feedback channel.  Contact Apple Support directly.  That is the ONLY way you're going to effect any change.


    This forum is a waste of your time, because your TECHNICAL question has LONG been answered.

    I won't stop until Apple corrects the problem with my wife's phone! I did contact Apple several times and get the usual BS answer. My goal is to get the truth of what is happening out there more, so people read it and gets this more attention. That is the only way anything is ever going to get dome about this.


    Also, just look at who I reply to. The only reason I come back is because you keep saying the same thing over and over. If you didn't come back, I would probably not reply that much!


    It is quite apparent that there is a problem, and more and more people are coming out of the woodwork! if it was your phone you would be just as ticked off..and don't say you wouldn't be!

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    Csound1 wrote:


    Then why aren't any of my IOS7 devices affected?


    It's the iPhone 4s's and different wifi chips manufactured at different times/different places.


    We should start a s/n list of the effected models on here and start to figure this out!

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    Csound1 wrote:


    I reported your offensive post, the mods apparently agreed.


    Can the insults and you might be listened to.

    offensive post? I agreed with him that he was confused! He is the one that said it, I just agreed.....and that is offensive?

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    Just wanted to add my 2 cents to this. A friend gave me a ipad 2 wifi after it broke and the wifi wouldn't connect anymore. He took it to Apple and they gave him the same old story, $200 would get him a new one. 4 months later he gives it to me. I spent the last 3 days searching google and everything trying to figure out the reason why this happens and how to fix it. I did all the hard resets, upgrades and all that other good stuff. The last thing i tried seemed to have worked. I did a factory reset to a new ipad. Then took a heat gun and heated the back top left of the ipad for 2 minutes. After that, i did to hard resets and now it seems to work fine. Connected to my network with no problems. I dont know how long this will last, but i will update as it goes.


    Can't hurt to give it a try!

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    As an aside from everything else, and as a comment regarding the battery drain problem, I too noticed that my iPhone appears to be using up the battery quicker since the upgrade to IOS 7/replacing phones or combination of both. 


    One thing I did a few days ago was to take a good look at the number of apps that were were providing notifications and using location services.  There did seem to be a lot of apps that were accessing these which clearly had no need to.  And even if they did, would be better to switch on when I wanted them to use it rather than be on all the time.


    There are very few apps that I really need to have switched on all the time and after disabling all the others, I have found that my battery life has doubled.


    Now I do not know why so many of  the apps appeared to want to provide me with notifications or use my location services.  I usually refuse this option when asked but clearly either I have missed a large number or, in the process of restoring back ups, they have defaulted to using these.  (I am on my third 4S and so far this one seems to be going well).

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    OK, I have totally fixed my iPhone 4 with a restore to a new phone.  It's running cool, the battery's at 44% after 38 hours, better than ios 6.  I guess that ios 7 doesn't play well unless it's a clean install.  Some guidance from Apple would have helped me a lot.

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    I've been struggling with the same issue. I traveled overseas to Thailand for three weeks, used a Thai SIM card. Suddenly, my wifi worked again and my phone wasn't going through battery life like crazy anymore. Even though I'd turned my phone off on the plane instead of airplane mode, when I touched US soil and rebooted my phone with my US SIM card---wifi button is greyed out again and the battery life *****.

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    Bad sim card?  Your carrier will give you a new one.

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    I don't think so, unless the countless other people in this thread with the iphone 4s in the US are also suffering from bad SIM cards that cause their wifi buttons to grey out and battery to drain rapidly after upgrading to IOS 7. I have no idea why being overseas would cause those symptoms to abate, but for some reason they did in my phone.

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    I've had this problem for 3 months. Followed everything suggested and nothing worked.

    Yesterday I did the following

    Turn phone off

    Place phone in the bottom of a Halogen oven ( Flavorwave)

    Set temperature to 170

    Heat for 4 mins ( approximately


    Remove with tongs and allow to cool for 3 hours


    Problem solved and wi fi returned


    All this of course at your own risk and I had taken the decision to dump the phone anyway and switch to Samsung


    Don't forget to back up

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