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    TJBUSMC1973 level 4 with 3725 points for helping other users.  kexicus level 1 with 0 points for helping other users.  I will take my chances from someone who has a proven record for helping other users with genuine issues. 

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    Good luck with that!

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    kexicus wrote:


    Good luck with that!


    There's a well known saying, that I'm going to paraphrase here:


    "You can't fix immunity to logic and reason."


    Ron White would love you, kexicus.

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    kexicus wrote:


    Well said jigar7!....Well said!....sadly you will never get ************ to agree because he's simply an antagonist, on here to annoy the tens of thousands of us frustrated at buying an expensive phone that has a serious problem.  He seems to have far too much time on his hands and has nothing better to do than lurk around here winding people up.  My advice is as before.  Don't reply to him; don't get dragged into an argument with him!

    Yeah... guess you're right. He is concentrating on the errors (to which I willingly admitted that I made a mistake)... digressing from the main topic of discussion seems to be his forte. Being a software engineer myself... I know for a fact that this is a software issue and not a hardware issue... a hardware limitation to be precise. Anyway... to **** with that. Discussing more important stuff...


    Is your wifi greyed out on iOS 7.0.4 too? I may have found a solution to it but I don't think I can discuss it here. You might find it yourself... google for 'Change wifi mac address on 4S macx4'. Should be the first link... a blog belonging to one John Harper Jr. I gave my 4S to someone and I can't ask them to return it back now.. so I haven't tried this myself. Using an Android device now


    The fix I mentioned seems to be working on iTouch, iPad, 4 & 4S devices on 6.1.3 with the N/A wifi error. The firmware messes with your wifi mac address and the solution posted on the blog seems to fix it for 6.1.3. If this message is deleted, then Apple truely doesn't want us to recieve a fix. I hope you have email notifications turned on. Please leave a reply in the comment section of that blog so more people can know if it works for 4S on iOS 7 or not.


    I am trying to get my hands on a 4S device myself from elsewhere... seems like everyone I know have already dumped their 4S devices for something else or devices with no iOS7.

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    The fact that you're a software engineer is irrelevant.  You're not a software engineer for Apple.  I, as well as many others on this forum, have similar training and experience.  I've been doing this for over two decades, involved in both the software and hardware side, both on military and civilian equipment.


    The only thing you're even close on is that it is a hardware limitation.  But your error is in your assumption that the limitation is because of the design.  That's incorrect.  The limitation is because of the manufacturing defect in a small percentage of these devices.  Defects are not part of a design.  Every person I personally know that is using an iPhone 4S running iOS 7+ has no problems.  I have only personally seen, out of dozens of iPhone 4S units, one wi-fi greyed out issue.  And a reinstall of the iOS (even different versions) did not resolve the issue.  However, the issue was resolved immediately with a device replacement.


    If it's a 'software' problem, then explain why:

    A) Only a very small percentage of devices running the exact same software have this issue.

    B) Replacing the device and then running the exact same operating system, as well as the same user data, almost always resolves this issue.


    The defective wi-fi chips involved have a lower than acceptable tolerance for heat buildup.  The update process generates more heat than normal operation.


    The code of the software is not directly affecting the wi-fi chip.  It is the heat from the update process that reveals the hardware defect that has been in place since time of manufacture.


    I've already posted the best possible way to get Apple to replace the device if it is outside of warranty.  You are still chasing a red herring of your own creation.


    The main topic of this discussion is how to resolve the issue, and per the terms of this forum, such discussion must stay within the Apple approved methods.  So, let's recap, because this (and other threads related to this issue) are far longer and convoluted than needed.


    A) If within warranty, get the device replaced for free via Apple.

    B) If not, then pay the appropriate out-of-warranty fee for a replacement.

    C) Request a one-time exception to the OOW fee from Apple, preferably using the script I provided.

    D) Live with the lack of wi-fi on the device.

    E) Seek a third-party repair solution, which will void any future service options for that device from Apple.  Additionally, detailed discussions of such options are prohibited on this forum.

    F) Purchase a replacement device out of pocket, either another Apple product or one from a different manufacturer.


    There are no other options. 

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    Thanks for that!....will give it a try later  

    Much appreciated!

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    Best of luck.

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    Well, having resisted for quite sometime any method which seemed ridiculous, i tried the 'hairdryer' method i saw on a youtube vid, as a last resort.  Amazingly my 'burnt-out' wifi chip now seems to be working!....No idea if it's a permanent fix, as some comments suggest it's temporary, but it is working as we speak....The mind boggles!  I'll keep you posted

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    if anyone wants to try the apple supported way to fix this issue.


    hard reset - hold down the power button and the home button at the same time until u see an apple


    reset network settings - setings>general>reset>reset network settings


    back up and restore - plug it into ur computer with an updated itunes running. hit "back up now" and then "restore iphone". once the phone is restored to factory settings set it up as new and test the wifi. if its working hit the "restore back up" button on ur computer to bring ur content back onto the device.


    get device replaced - if the restore iphone>set up as new didnt fix the wifi then u have one of the defective wifi chips and should get ur device replaced.


    follow the steps in order until one of them works.

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    Yes, he sells phones at Radio Shack

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    Thanks, tried all of the above prior to the 'hairdryer' method and none of them worked.  Phone is now minus wi-fi again, so the hairdryer approach is a well and truly temporary fix!.  thanks anyway!

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    if u tried all of the troubleshooting steps AND the hairdryer method proved to not be a permanent fix for u then the only option for u is to get a new phone. check with applecare to see if u are still within warranty and they will replace the phone without cost as long as there is no accidental damage.

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    Dear weimannanke,


    Could you please tell in detail how did you pulled down the ios7.02 ipws file from apple?

    And how did you pushed a fresh install of 7.02, while doing the recovery?


    Thank you!



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    I'd just like to say that, though some people are saying that the blowdryer/fridge method is not a permanent fix, I did it and it worked. If it is going to be a permanent fix I don't know.


    But what I know is : I am paying Apple to fix a problem they created.

    I don't want to go to lenght to say they did it on purpose (to make tons of $$$) but ...

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    Explain to me how designing things to break will make Apple more money? I missed that class in economics.