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    Bin Kroon wrote:


    Not true, I am in this field and this is not the case.


    Apple provides a one year warranty in Europe. After the first year it is the retailers responsibility, not Apple.

    That is since it states in the European Law that the reseller (not the manufacturer) is responsible for providing a two year warranty to the consumer.

    The Law leaves it up to the retailer and manufacturer to work this out between them.

    Don't forget the law focuses on the consumer and this way the consumer can claim warranty with the reseller who can not claim in return with the manufacturer.


    Only when bought directly from the Apple Store, Apple by law will have to honor warranty claims for two years, and in some countries like The Netherlands, even longer.....


    Read it up, but make shure you get your facts straight before you make statements like this, claiming this.


    Always protecting Apple... Can't stop can you??

    Perhaps the retailer you are affiliated with should contact Apple regarding the out-of-warranty compensation program.  While the law in Europe may not require Apple provide support to the secondary retailers, that support is there and available.  Your ignorance of such a program does not disprove its existence. 


    Additionally, extended warranty coverage via Apple isn't limited to purchases directly from Apple Retail Stores or Apple Online.


    I can buy an iPhone from a non-Apple retail store in the U.K., and 13 months later, Apple will cover the device.  In fact, up to SIX years later they will do so.


    Finally, I find it interesting that you state you are WISHING that another person has a problem with their device.  I don't wish for it to happen to anyone.  That's a little petty and spiteful on your part.  Perhaps karma does exist after all.

  • LouLou71 Level 1 Level 1

    Ooh  rah!

  • LouLou71 Level 1 Level 1

    All those with affected 4s should adopt "Esprit de Corps"

  • pwrchord Level 1 Level 1

    We already have it - just Benghazi-style.  That's when you know there's a small group of you that's screwed but you ask for help anyway, knowing that those who are unaffected don't give a crap.

  • LouLou71 Level 1 Level 1

    We are passed asking for help as all of the constructive advice hasn't worked (all of which was much appreciated by the way to troubleshoot the issues). We just want our voices heard and by the looks of it, it is being heard here and elsewhere and the more people who know about their rights the better.


    Our voices are being heard, it's just a matter of time before (IMO of course) it snowballs and gets a wider press coverage as is beginning to happen.


    I am sorted, why should I care if anyone else does too? Because that's just the person I am and I believe in the cause.

  • LouLou71 Level 1 Level 1

    Oh, also I can't stand cyber bullies, I suppose I should pity them as their is obviously an underlying reason why they are like they are

  • jaragone Level 1 Level 1

    One hundred percent agree with your point of view. Apple must assume it responsability of this issue and solve problem at any cost.

  • Al626 Level 1 Level 1

    I have an Apple Case number.


    I am appalled at the fact that I am unable to receive a satisfactory resolution to my issue from Apple, a company that half of my house is filled with products from (I can provide serial numbers for each one of those products so you can verify the validity of my statement, I have 1 iPhone 5 and 2 iPhone 4, 2 Apple TVs, 1 iMac). I will attempt to explain my issue here, again, though a lengthy explanation can be found on the case I provided above.


    My iPhone 4 was on 6.1.3 and everything was great, I then updated to iOS 7.0.3 and upon doing so my wifi is no longer functioning. I had an appointment today, October 31, 2013, at at 7:20pm and the outcome was for me to pay $150 for a replacement iPhone 4 for which I have paid already in full in the past, which will not be unlocked, as opposed to my current one, and all because I upgraded to the "new and improved" iOS 7, as Apple describes its new iOS.


    The amount of complains in the Apple community forums regarding this EXACT issue I'm facing in staggering (I can provide links to threads), and Apple should finally acknowledge the issue as to help us loyal customers.


    I am not trying to get a new iPhone, I am not trying to cheat Apple, all I need is just my iPhone's wifi to function again, that's all. But I don't want to pay $150 as I believe it is very unfair when the cause of the issue is the very iOS software that Apple urged us to update to. I spoke to Bill from Apple Customer Care (very polite and understanding), who then transferred me to Brittany (very polite and understanding), who then escalated and transferred me to Steve (also very polite and understanding), but none were able to assist me. I offered to send my iPhone in so it could be checked, I offered to incur shipping and handling charges, but that's not how the system works asper their responses.


    Today is Halloween, I left work at 6pm and drove through traffic to go to the Apple store, I spent 40 minutes at the Apple Store, I then called Apple and was on the phone for 88 minutes exactly, and I am still at step 1. Steve helped me setup a second appointment for Monday, November, 4th at 7:40pm to go to the same Apple Store so they could check the phone, AGAIN.


    Please assist me.


    Thank you kindly.

  • Prokhozhy Level 1 Level 1

    pwrchord wrote:

    We already have it - just Benghazi-style.  That's when you know there's a small group of you that's screwed but you ask for help anyway, knowing that those who are unaffected don't give a crap.

    Do not despair, pwrchord, all change in the world is initiated by vocal minorities, i.e. by people who simply refuse to shut up. If those affected by the wifi disease keep making noise long enough, others will take note and at least some of them may think twice before investing into a company that treats its customers this way. And if this thing gets picked up by national media, Apple will rue the day. Food for thought: David vs. Goliath.

  • pwrchord Level 1 Level 1

    ...I feel for you.  I have two case numbers (for the online chat/support sessions) and 1 Apple Store visit under my belt...and no resolution other than I nede to buy a new phone!  You seemed to have worked a better deal than me though; $150?  They want $199 for my 'new replacement' that was newly-replaced in February 2013 for $199....


    I'm seeking the 'national media' out now as Prokhozhy suggests.  Nothing like a little bad press to get things stirred up I guess.  So much for doing the right thing.

  • sarmcl Level 1 Level 1

    I had the exact same thing happen 2 weeks ago. Took it to the Genius Bar was told it was a "hardware failure". Fortunately I bought the extended warranty and got a "new" 4 S which I am sure was refurbished. WiFi was fine. I went to Vegas came home and notice I had another ios7 update which I downloaded(BAD IDEA!). Very next day the Wifi is not working now. I am so mad. Now I have to go back AGAIN to Apple???


    This is ridiculous. FIX THE PROBLEM APPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • JorgeLGarcia Level 1 Level 1

    Just to contribute to the discussion. I had the wifi problem in my iPhone 4s after updating to iOS 7.0.3, first with annoying freezes and crashes and after that with the wifi settings button greyed out. I tried everything I read here and nothing worked but putting the phone in the freezer for some minutes. I know this is stupid and only temporary but if someone needs (like me) at least a fast solution, this could work.

  • Redob Level 1 Level 1

    What else has happened!

  • Spatimouth Level 1 Level 1

    Its not just the iPhones having wifi problems, its also certain ATV3s.  I have one that was working well and after a recent update no longer picks up any signals.  Theres a silent recall for them, but Im having one **** of a time being able to find time to make an appointment at one of their stores.  Tried to plead with a store manager to swap it out without needing a appointment and was told come back when you have made one online.  Every manager and phone rep I talk to has been apathetic.  Im considering just not using any Apple services due to this....  I have a iphone 5 on IOS 6 that Im afraid to update, and now 1gb is locked with update files that Im stuck with.

  • julesbjb Level 1 Level 1

    well this looks like a nightmare...

    I had my iphone 4s stolen a week ago, that one worked perfectly, was purchased in October 2011, never a single issue with wifi at all.


    replacement iphone 4s (new) arrived 2 days ago, went through all the back up (i had to upgrade to ios7 in order to back up from icloud) so went through all that hassle and all backed up ok.


    wifi button greyed out initially but network reset (i was at a friends house using their wifi)


    come home to use my own wifi, and button greyed out again. But this time network reset has no impact whatsoever....


    could it be newer iphone 4s? apple not bothering to put right quality into this older model?


    guess as im still in warranty on replacement phone, then I can take to apple to sort, or my insurance thats something?


    pain in the proverbial though....

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