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Safari refuses to connect to this one particular website: forums.mangafox.me.

It gives the following error message: Safari cannot load the page because the network connection was lost.

Other browsers are able to connect to this website without any problem, using the same iPad, same wifi or ATT connection, nearly the same time (the time it takes to open the other browser and key in the address is the only time difference).

Safari used to be able to load this particular website without any issue before I upgraded to iOS 7.

I have cleared cache, cookies, website data, restarted iPad, "renew lease" on wifi connection then restarted iPad, restarted airport, turned off the cookie blocker & pop-up blocker. None of those attempts worked.

It is particularly annoying that I cannot access this one website using Safari. Any suggestions?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 7