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Hello all I have a situation if someone can please help me. It would make my life as I use my iPad 3 daily.


About two or three weeks ago I noticed one day that there was no sound coming from my iPad. I tried everything to see what was wrong with it. I tried the headphone jack and no dice. No matter how many times I adjust the volume or plug and unplug headphones I can not get any sound coming from the iPad at all. It broke my heart because I baby this thing like no other.


That's only one thing wrong.


After the sound thing I was ok because I can deal with no sound. I don't use sound a whole lot on there and if I watch a movie I usually have it plugged up by HDMI.


But I noticed another problem. So I use my iPad and then I set it down to do something else or I am done using it for the moment and after I come back after it has went to sleep I try to turn it on again from sleep mode and nothing happens. Not a thing. The only way to get it to work again is to do a hard reset every time my iPad goes to sleep mode. It's a pain like no other.


It's not over yet.


Sometimes when I know I'm not gonna use the iPad for awhile I usually turn it off. Like when I go to bed or work or something of that sort. Well now when I turn off the iPad it will turn off and then randomly it turns itself back on after a couple of seconds. I think I have had it off and it stayed off maybe once or twice.


I'm not technologically dumb or anything of that sort I have tried many things on my own. Here is everything that I have done to try to fix these issues myself.


- Wiping it clean and trying from a fresh iPad with nothing on it (both before ios 7 and after) (it didn't work. Everything was the same even with everything wiped)


- Resetting the ipad through the general settings and hitting the reset all settings tab


- I have to hard reset evertime I use it so I highly dounbt that just hard resetting will fix my issue.


- Changing languages didn't do it.


Other than these three issues right here my iPad is perfectly fine. Nothing else is wrong but these three horribly infuriating things. But this three things make the iPad almost inoperable.


Any suggestions or tips would gladly be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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