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  • eyalzek Level 1 (0 points)

    Hope you're not paying someone to superheat your iPhone


    I tried the heating with a blow dryer until error message and putting in the freezer for 10min method, and my wifi is working perfectly for 5 days now. Not expecting this to last forever, but it's still better than nothing.


    I'll probably use this trick a few more times until I'll give up and buy an Android...

    Thank you Apple for demonstrating how bad is your service before I bought another one of your products!

  • Sunny0308 Level 1 (0 points)

    After trying ALL the so-called fixes on this thread, on Jan. 18, 2014, I tried the blow dryer (heated until the warning appeared) and my iPhone 4s has wifi and bluetooth ever since. I really don't care why it worked. I just know it did.

  • enrIK0 Level 1 (0 points)

    After being bounced back from carrier to Apple store (Apple sent me to carrier as in Europe they respond for warranty only for the 1st year even if 2 yrs warranty is mandatory), I solved the problem: bought an Android phone.

    for a little more of a third of the price, everything now works smoothly - even with iCloud syncing.

    Would have known before, wouldn't waste so much time after crazy Apple policies...

    I also upgraded it to latest Android KitKat and guess what? Everything works perfectly, no wifi, no antenna issues of any sort.

    Think I will stick only with macs, no more iPhones in my future.

    Good luck to the others.

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 (7,460 points)

    enrIK0 wrote:


    bought an Android phone.

    for a little more of a third of the price, everything now works smoothly - even with iCloud syncing.

    How exactly are you syncing with iCloud on an Android?

  • enrIK0 Level 1 (0 points)

    You can find several tricks googling around, the best and fastest solution for me has been to invest 5 USD and buying two apps called SmoothSync for Cloud (one for contacs, one for calendar).

    For shared pictures, I moved everything on dropbox, that's all.

  • marineek Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello, I would like to share with the positive outcome for my case. Related to my similar issue of wi-fi, when since 4 months neither authorized technicians nor any technically correct options could provide any solution to this issue, besides having the worst option of replacing the hardware ( which I didn`t want to, because I was convinced that the issue is linked still to its software). In the end, what I did? By breaking all technical rules for a device, I did my last trial before going to replace the hardware, which is as follows: 1. heating the iphone by a hairdryer until that thermometer sign is appearing and then restarting the device, although it doesn’t` help at this stage, afterwards I tried the second option: 2. to put the iphone in a fridge and for 15 mins to freeze it. I rolled up the device in a napkin in order that in the fridge the napkin will serve as a filter and that the temperature change will not affect. And bingo! after trying all these options which I watched on youtube... already 2 months my iPhone`s wi-fi is working perfectly. I can`t believe that I could do that, which is against all technical requirements, when there could be a risk to damage the device completely, but the outcome is just great! I see it works. Perhaps iPhone is a magic device and such tricks work: D Good luck!

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    Hey Guys,

    If you are having the following signs and symptoms;

    -All WiFi networks are not detected

    -Bluetooth doesn't detect devices

    -All Available networks that other devices can detect and connect CANT be detected by your iPhone.


    These Symptoms are usually associated with a malfunctional WiFi/Bluetooth antenna not with the i.o.s

    It could be because of a temperature change, pressure change or any physical obstruction.


    If it is a physical obstruction, like a fall or a spill of liquid, you might want to get the antenna replaced or checked. If no physical obstruction has occured. Then obviously it should be because of a environmental factor change.


    To overcome this problem;

    Turn off your iPhone and place it inside a freezer and take it out after 20-25mins. Be aware that the battery might drain severly so if it runs out, place it into a charger and restart the phone. The phone should be then able to detect the wi-fi.

  • Ilie Musat Level 1 (0 points)

    Why Apple don't want to addmit that is not just a coincidence for so many S4 devices to be defective in the same time, or same circumstances. I also have a s4, and after update of IOS7 wifi didn't work. After they took our money, they don't really care about their product and name. I wasted a lot of time with the representative person from apple and they told me that it is just bad luck and coincidence that my device is not working after 1 year and 3 months. I told them about the forum that a lot of people are dealing with the same problem. and they told me that forums are not relevant. only money are relevant for Apple?

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    I am also experiencing this issue.


    It started out slowly, like Apple was taunting me. Firstly, I was occasionally dropping out of Wifi range in my room, where as pre 7.1 it worked perfectly. After about 2 weeks of this, I lost connectivity in my room completely, relying on 3G to satisfy my internet habits. It was not enough.


    I eventually could only connect to my Wifi at work or when I was downstairs, about 2 meters away from my router. Definitely wasn't my router causing the problem, my laptop could connect fine from anywhere in the house.


    Then Apple went for my jugular. My wifi has now been defeated, greyed out and gloomy, unable to connect to any single network in the world. My girlfriend sits next to me, her iPhone 4S in hand. She smirks as she sits in my room with full connectivity. I shed a tear in memoriam of my iPhone 4S and reminisce about the days we would spend endless hours browsing the internet. It will never be the same again.


    RIP iPhone 4S, 2012-2014

  • eyalzek Level 1 (0 points)


    I'm with you buddy

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    I got my third iPhone last month for just in two months after my original two years old iPhone 4s was liquited and replaced to a new one for $200 after I gave them my liquited phone.


    The first replaceable iPhone (2 months ago) was I was unable to receive calls, thanks God, Apple permit free replacement before 3 months and now this phone the WiFi is not working but just covered in grey that's all after I discovered I wasn't the only one facing this issue so I'm going to the so called Apple "genious" store and ask those people to solve this problem.


    With those problems, no wonder why Apple store is busy like the clinic. It do make sense why they made us do the appointment booking over a 'mobile'.

  • davisyk Level 1 (0 points)

      After trying all the apple supported and voodo magic methods of fixing the WIFI on my 4S (some worked some didn't but they were all temporary fixes since the problem always re-occured over a period of 3 months) I send my phone into a person on ebay who fixes them. He charged me $40 and the phone has been fine every since  (going on a month now). Apparently it is a hardware problem, perhaps exacerbated by IOS 7. 



  • Eewires Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had to change my 4s, and the Apple man told me that it is a dry connection problem on the board and that iOS 7 accesses the wifi chip by a different route from 6 so that might be why it goes on update. 


    Plausible, could be true, could be a good story that explains the facts without bothering with being accurate. You choose which view to take.

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    For me in iOS6.xx my iphone can connect to home wifi normaly (6-7 meters far from AP)

    After update iOS7.xx in the same position which I use to play my iphone, same wifi password algorythm, I can't connect to wifi. I don't know why

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,946 points)

    Reboot your router by removing all power for 30 seconds. If that fails go to Settings/General/Reset - Reset network settings.