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I just recently did the update of IOS7 on my iphone 4.  Now my iphone 4 has a continuous, never ending pop saying "Sign in to iCloud", HOWEVER, it keeps asking me for the Apple ID password for the wrong account.  Everytime I put in my password, it doesn't match because I can't change the account to the correct account.


I've googled this and I've tried shutting off Imessage, I've tried shutting off Icloud, I've tried deleting the Icloud account, I've tried going to the App store to make sure there were no downloads pending, I've tried shutting off Face Time, and I've also tried changing the account back to the original/correct account but it won't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I use this phone for work and I CANNOT make calls, check emails, check messages, etc. w/ this continuous popup.  I need a fix yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

iPhone 4, iOS 7, PopUp asks me to sign into icloud
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