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iOS 7 is a good idea.  But for apple consumers that are familiar with computers this is a sad upgrade.  This was forcefully released with many issues.  First insure is my air play.  I can only airplay sounds and my IPAD 2 plays the picture.  Second issue is that the iOS system lags.  Third when accessing photos to make a photo a wallpaper, it does let you move but it does not let the photo be resized like the iOS 6.  Another issue is that the apple store keeps showing me updates, but there are not any updates to update.  The auto brightness does not respond even when placing my hand over the sensor.  This is a disgrace for apple users.  How are these issues going to be resolved?  Do we have to go back to IOS6? I have rebooted many time is the fix for this issue? Remind me of windows vista, *****. Please fix.

iPad 2, iOS 7, iOS 7 needs to be rethink