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Is anyone else having difficulty since the new update. It is really draining my battery very quickly. The new colors are making it harder to see the icons.

iPhone 5, iOS 7
  • radiomatts Level 1 (0 points)

    I have this same problem on my 4s.  It got worse when I did as Apple asked and did a restore from new.  Wiped out games and other data from my phone, AND made the battery drain even faster.


    I wish Apple would just admit that this OS isn't meant for the older phones.  It's very disingenuous of them, as far as I'm concerned.


    If I didn't hate Google so much, I'd be grabbing a Samsung Galaxy everything tomorrow morning after I return my new iPad mini and this now defective iPhone 4s.

  • shldr2thewheel Level 7 (25,865 points)
  • sunking101 Level 1 (40 points)

    Yes. I have a 3 month old iPhone 5 and the usage time has gone from 8.5 hours to less than 6 with the same usage patterns. My phone battery now performs like a three year old one. Silence from Apple, why can't they acknowledge the problem and say that they're working on a fix? Incidentally, why on earth was this software not heavily tested before release??

  • shldr2thewheel Level 7 (25,865 points)

    radiomatts wrote:


    I wish Apple would just admit that this OS isn't meant for the older phones.  It's very disingenuous of them, as far as I'm concerned.


    People with iPhone 5's are also widely reporting loss of battery life after upgrading.  iOS7 isnt just meant for the 5c or 5S..

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    I've read that and more tips that it's making my head spin.  This is the real problem.  The A4 chip is being taxed too much by the OS.  It's plain and simple.  It's not a horrible makes sense.  While I don't like the UI of this OS, it has a lot going for it, and all of that wow is too much for the older processor.


    My real beef is that it took 6 calls to Apple Tech Support to tell me off the record that I'm right, and that the iPad Mini with the exact same A4 processor shouldn't be upgraded to iOS 7 either.


    Just tell the truth, Apple.  Otherwise, you're no different than Android.  it's bad enough that this OS looks like Android.

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    That's not bad compared to my situation.  I went from a fully charged phone to 71% in an hour and a half of just standby.  The phone worked just fine before the update.


    Somehow, there's something wrong with my phone.'s not made for this OS.

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    I have an iPhone 4 and it works like a charm no problems at all, also battery life is the same since day one. I personally don't think it is an issue with the iOS otherwise all users would have the same issue not just some.


    What you can do is read over the link below to see what steps to take to get the most out of your battery life:



    Also with iOS 7 the feature for Background App Refresh can use a bit of battery life so it wouldn;t hurt to possibly turn this off.


    Apart from that if after all steps the issue remains you would need to look at doing a back up and restore to factory settings or alternatively book an appointment at an Apple Store to have the iPhone evaluated.

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    I'm also having battery-problems. I'm using an iPhone 4 and I've noticed that whenever I've used my 3G (when I need it, I put in on and afterwards I turn it back off to save battery.. ha, the irony) my usage time keeps rising even though I'm not using my phone, thus draining my battery. If I turn off and turn back on my phone, that problem seems to have disappeared and my battery life and usage time are back to normal (and very good, I might add)

    I tried this a few times to check my hypothesis and everytime this happened. So I'm guessing there's still a bug which I'm hoping Apple will solve..



    ps: sorry if my grammar isn't all that great, I'm not English..

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    I've got a brand new 5S and the battery life is crap.  Having to charge it twice a day and that's with hardly using it.  There must be some setting using a lot of power that I've missed!

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    Can't do anything about the icons, I don't think they look all that bad. But the battery issue will go away in time. I have had so many battery issues on my ipad mini with a new update.


    Use that for a fix, after that just use your idevices. It will get better. 6.1.2 after I updated to that my battery was so bad. I'm still on 6.1.2 because of every update Apple releases it for some weird reason messes with our battery's. now I get 14 hours from my ipad min, it was 8-9. But after using it and charing it, it got better. But I have a lot of stuff disabled. I use safari, games and messages.


    Sorry but I have to say this, everyone has seen ios 7 and the way it looks and operates. Correct? Why did you update if you didn't like how it looks? The UI is nothing like Android! If you don't like the new look of Apples ios....sell it!! Get a different phone! Or tablet! Stop crying about the way it looks! Apple thought this was the way people wanted it. You people make me sick! Your never happy with Apple. Apple did this wrong! Apple did that wrong! It's Android! It's Windows! Just shut mm  up! I'm deciding if I want to download it, but people like you have to hurry up and get it, and show your friends, so someone else doesn't like it so you don't like it. I'm waiting because I'm smarter. I don't need it right now because ios 6.1.2 is doing just fine. It's your fault! Not Apples!

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    Keep that first post, I just think Apple is getting to much blank for its new OS. In time I will update, but I have bigger problems to deal with than my phone not looking cool!


    Please keep my posts up. Don't edit anything because its the truth!


    Thank you.

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    The fact is that EVERYONE is running out of battery much faster since the update to IOS7 and there´s no answer from Apple. I feel cheated and if I could I would like to go back to IOS6.

    My Iphone 5 is no longer the tool I need. And I´ve turned off almost everything ... When a company such as Apple releases and OS it should work properly. If it drains our battery a a 40% faster it simply has turned our devices into something useless.

    I really look forward to hearing some solution (believable and effective, please) from Apple.


    Apple, help us , please.


    Don´t change your fans into detractors.

    Thank you.

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    I updated to iOS 7. Besides the really cool features and getting use to it I don't see any problems. I'm on iPad mini. Not slow, sluggish like I thought it was going to be. I can see apple growing off the os this year and next year. As for the battery goes? I don't see much of a difference? This did happen to me on 6.1.2 with the battery draing so fast. I just drained it and charged it. To a while before it got better. Good luck everyone.

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    I too have turned everything off apart from parallax. Phone was on 99% when I went to bed then 77% when I woke up 9 hours later. I don't have push email or background refresh app on, so I am extremely disappointed with ios7.  I have the iPhone 5.

    I hope a software fix comes out soon, as I will sell this and my iPhone 4S and get 2 Samsungs or Sonys for my husband and I.

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