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trying to connect with my old tablet pc windows xp  its asking for network Key  where do i find this  the password does not work

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    1. What model AirPort Base Station are you using?
    2. Do you have a different computer that can already connect to it? If so, what operating system is it running? (Windows 7, Vista, XP...?)
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    Airport Extreme  just bought it  and i have 7 mac products logged on by wireless two kindles and one pc coneccrted by wire cat5/lan I just have two old tablets i need to conect  and they ask for a network key rather than a pasword and on the utility i cant find where it gives the key. or if it even offers that type of older security.



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    Is the XP up to SP3? You need at least that level to deal with WPA2 security.


    The network key is clearly wrong and there is no such thing.


    Nor should you reduce the security of the AE since it is requirement for N wireless to use WPA2 AES type security.


    Just try briefly turning off the security on the AE.. are the XP tablets able to connect?


    If not the wireless name is wrong.. you must use windows type names.. short (2-20 characters), no spaces and pure alphanumeric.. no apple apostrophe.


    If it then connects put the security back on.. security password has to be 10-20 characters say.. unless you are paranoid.. pure alphanumeric.


    If no luck the easier way around the problem is a secondary WAP for old windows items.. any old router will work fine.. plug it into the AE in AP mode if it has one.. or in wan bypass.. just google for it but there is a tutorial here for how to set it up.




    Set security to wpa not wpa2 so the xp can join.. but that also does add some weakness into your overall security.. not bad.. wpa is still good.. but not up to the standard of the latest version.

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    "Network key" doesn't make any sense to me but perhaps that is Windows terminology.


    If you want to determine your wireless network password, you can use the procedure that follows with any Mac that normally uses that AirPort Extreme. Otherwise, you can "soft reset" the Extreme which will lower its shields for a period of five minutes, during which you can use AirPort Utility to change its password.



    Your wireless network password is stored in your Mac's Keychain.


    You must first have an Administrator account on a Mac that you use with that AirPort Base Station, one that is used to connect to your AirPort network.


    On that Mac, open the Utilities folder. Find Keychain Access and launch it.


    In the search field at the upper right, type Airport. All the Keychain entries for your base station will appear there, as well as other entries.


    Look at the column "Kind". The entry you want to select will be labeled "AirPort network password" (not "AirPort base station password" or anything else).



    If you are trying to recover the AirPort Base Station password then the entry you want to select will be labeled "AirPort base station password" not "AirPort network password".



    Double-click that, and in the window that appears check the box for "Show password".


    You will get the following window:


    Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 1.20.59 AM.png


    In the Password field type your Mac's Administrator password - the same one you used to log in to that Mac.


    Then, click Allow, and your wireless network password will appear in the "Show password" field:


    Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 1.30.36 AM.png

    Make note of it.


    Close the window, then quit Keychain Access.