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I'm not sure I understand what this new "Burst" thing is on my iPhone 5S. I do understand how to operate it---you just hold your finger down on the button and it goes "click click click click click" really fast. But after that, then what? Where did those pictures go? I've tried it several times, and I can only find ONE photo on my camera roll. What happened to all of those other pictures that I heard it taking?


I guess I'm confused as to what this feature is and what it does. I have searched Google for this question, I've searched this forum for this question, but I can not locate an explanation of it anywhere. I would sure appreciate someone letting me know what exactly this feature is.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    • Take rapid-fire shots: (iPhone 5s) Touch and hold the shutter button to take photos in burst mode. The counter shows how many shots you’ve taken, until you lift your finger. To see
      the suggested shots and select the photos you want to keep, tap the thumbnail, then tap “Favorites.” The gray dot(s) mark the suggested photos. To copy a photo from the burst as a separate photo in Camera Roll, tap the circle on the lower-right corner. To delete the burst of photos, tap it, then tap trashcan icon.


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    Ah, very interesting. This is precisely what I was looking for. I searched Apple's website for this as well, but came up empty. Not sure where you found it, but thanks!


    I'll have to play around and get used to it----not sure how it figures out which photo to display as the "main" photo yet. But thanks---this gives me the info I need to "play" and get to know this product better.

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    You're welcome.

    smitty195 wrote:




    ----not sure how it figures out which photo to display as the "main" photo yet.

    Apple A7 chip in iPhone 5s checks your exposure, sharpness, faces, action etc. to provide the main photo(s).

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    this is horrible executed.  It took me a long time searching the internet to find this post to figure this out.  It is completely un intuitive.


    Poor job Apple

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    Yes, I agree. I did all sorts of searching to find the answer. I was really surprised that nobody else had answered the question before I asked. But now we've got the answer thanks to the other folks who helped out. 

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    What if you want to take blur shots? Why is not an option to turn on or off burst mode?

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    Apple iPhone 5s was designed to take a great foto no metter what's on focus, that's why it probably hard to take a blur picture.




    It much easier for Apple teachs iPhone to take a great picture then teachs user to become a professional photographers.


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    Actually it's easier to teach someone to be a photographer and work around the challenges of shooting with the iPhone . I take blurred shots all the time both natively and by taping a ND filter over the lens. I also teach people how to pan with the iPhone which can work really well. I'd link my iBook but Apple probably frowns on the direct sales pitch. But a search of my full name and iPhone will get you there.  When you tape a filter use gaffers tape and not duct tape which will leave sticky glue all over the phone.