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Since I upgraded to ios 7 for my iPhone 5, I have had problems with the music app.  When I go into the app, it does not go to the song that I last left it on.  It gives me my Playlist screen and I have to manually touch the screen to go to NOW PLAYING.  Yet, when I go to NOW PLAYING, the screen takes me back to the Playlist selection screen and I keep having to start my Playlist over and over again.  Is there a fix for this?

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    Have you tried just pulling up the Control Center and starting the playback?





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    This happens to me both when I go to the Music App and when I play the song directly from my iPhone issue headphones using the pause/play button just like I always used to do with old iOS 6 versions. It doesn't play the song it was playing, and jumps playlists (sometimes what I had to what it decides to play is very loud and surprising!).


    If I hit the control center though, the same song is there, but if I play it from there that doesn't guarantee that it stays in the same playlist, just that the same song gets played.


    I am still testing to see if the recent 7.0.2 update has fixed this or not.