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When making a playlist in Music in former iOS's if you went to your albums button there used to be an "add all" button to add an album and now it's not there so if you want to add two 15 song albums to a playlist that's 30 careful clicks (to get correct album sequence) versus the former 2. I'm just wondering if they'd hid this option with some kind of swipe that I'm missing or if it was just removed.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    I'm a big user of this function. The function just dissapear. I reported it 2 times without success as we can see.


    Whole new UI (really cool, beautiful), but Apple forgot to implement the useful things behind it. Don't worry, it will be back in iOS 8.



    Yeah, today I answer to several question. The answer is always: nope, Apple forgot it. They are aware, but just don't care. Really annoying. iOS 7 has many missing functionalities that I often use. I never wanted to go see somewhere else than today. What really get on my nerves is that I sure that we will have to wait until iOS8.


    I really hope that my slightly aggresive answers will make Apple to think about the problem and change their way to make us wait month or even years for some partial bug fix.

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    Downloaded yet another ios7 update to see this still absent. Is it really gone or have they assigned it to a gesture that I just haven't figured out? I can see Apple's stubborness in enforcing their podcast app for people who used to like to be able to play both from one app but to remove the ease of an "add album" button for playlists just makes no sense

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    I agree! That "add album" button made creating new playlists so easy. So stupid they removed it!

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    Not back in 7.1


    I knew it, I said it, that we had to wait until ios 8. If it does not return in iOS 8, OR if Apple do not allow third party apps , well, it means that I can't really use my iphone I paid 800$. So I will buy something else. As I won't be in the Apple ecosystem, I will also boycott all Apple products for the rest of my life. Apple has become way worse than Microsoft than when I left windows for os x.



    But I really doubting that it will come back. It seems that Apple made it on purpose. They decided that we do not have to add a whole album simple. We have to go under album section and scroll several times over thousand albums instead of searching the artist, and adding 2 albums in 10 secondes.

    And they decided that it shouldn't be possible to add song from another playlist in a new playlist.

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    Just wanted to get this out there, I stumbled upon "Add All" in ios7.1.


    When adding songs to a playlist, at least in album view, scroll up (slide finger down) this will pull up the add all option and a search.



    edit: just checked and also appears in Songs and Artists view as well.