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Yewande91 Level 1 (0 points)

Hi, I recently upgraded my ipad 2 to iOS 7 , but now when I open up my university blackboard page using safari, safari keeps crashing and going to home page, I have tried closing opened apps and I tried a reboot. Please help

iPad 2, iOS 7
  • Apfelwurm Level 4 (1,700 points)

    By reboot, did you mean reset?

    Otherwise reset your iPad: Press and hold both Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears.


    If the reset does not work, you'll have to restore your iPad from the computer with the iPad backup:

  • Bud Hartley Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue...  Safari crash (all white screen then closes). I have done all of the suggestions on the web (reset, reload, wipe and restore from PC, wipe and restore from iCloud, complete wipe and reload apps one at a time). No success.


    I think it probably is related to one of te applications I have installed.  When I have time and energy, I plan to wipe it again and start over - testing Safari after each application is added.


    I wish there was a way to set a different browser as the default because Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, and Terra all work just fine.

  • fromsouth Level 5 (4,430 points)

    I second that notion, I have always preferred chrome, since day it was available.

    Feedback apple here

  • MrLouboy999 Level 1 (0 points)

    I understand what your saying. I have it happen on my iPhone all the time since ios 7 was uploaded and now operating my phone. I have Safari crash everyday on tons of occasions. My open window will just close out to a blank screen and then turn black. After a few minutes it will restart and engage again to the same page it was on before but by that time I  lost what I was either doing or working on. It's so freaking upsetting. I f'ing hate ios 7. Apple just ensured my next phone or device won't be an Apple product!

  • Apfelwurm Level 4 (1,700 points)

    Did follow all the instructions in my previous post?

    If the answer is yes, what was the result?

  • TonyLyons Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. I have tried everything except to install and treat my iPad and iPhone like a new device which would mean hours of work to get everything back working agin. I wish I had not upgraded my devices and wish we could set the default browser to Chrome or Mercury as well.

  • Bud Hartley Level 1 (0 points)

    Progress Update:

    I started from scratch - full wipe and start over reinstalling applications one at a time and testing Safari after every install.  I was convinced that it was some other application causing the crash since all of the attempts to do a recovery from a backup resulted in the same problem.


    Thus far, with many, many hours invested, Safari is still working.  I probably have another 20 applications to install (many of them I don't use very often, so I have been installing as need arises).


    My iPhone has the same issue, but I don't often hit links in e-mails on the phone that would go to the default browser.  I don't have the time or energy to start over on the phone.  Maybe I will get a new phone next year and that will be the time to start over. 

  • Apfelwurm Level 4 (1,700 points)

    If you constantly did a restore from the same backup without success, you could have tried a different backup, should you have some spare backups.

    Perhaps something to remember for your iPhone.

  • TonyLyons Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried to use different backups, but no joy. Same result. So what is the bug causing this? I think Apple needs to fix their new software.

  • Apfelwurm Level 4 (1,700 points)

    Well, if indeed there is an iOS 7 bug, I'm certain that Apple will fix it ASAP.

    Speaking for myself and my iPad 2, I don't think it's Safari, as Safari is very stable in my environment.


    It could be one of your other apps that is unstable because it is not yet compatible with iOS 7.

    Just about all of my apps had to be updated for iOS 7.

  • TonyLyons Level 1 (0 points)

    Apps were as up to date as possible. Still a bug if an App makes it unstable.

  • Apfelwurm Level 4 (1,700 points)

    But which app makes it unstable?

    It does not appear to be a general problem in iOS 7.


    You could stop all the apps by doing a reset: Press and hold both Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears.


    Then open one app at a time, until you find the app that crashes your iPad.

  • fromsouth Level 5 (4,430 points)

    Safari is part of IOS. According to that only full reinstall will fix the problem, without restore from back up.

    I can pretty much guarantee that it is bug on that particular install, since I can use safari without crash and so other 200 million people.

  • Bud Hartley Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I am familiar with the Einstein quote that "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result".


    I did a restore of two different backups on a PC (from 45 days apart), and three attempts with different backups (spread over a five week period) via iCloud without success (stubborness on my part).


    As I mentioned before - I started over and I have been installing applications one at a time and testing Safari after every install.  Thus far, Safari is not crashing.  It has been painful, but in doing the clean install, I am only loading applications as I need / want them.  I suspect that some other application is the root cause of the difficulty I had (and still have on my iPhone 4 bcause I am not ready to spend the time on it).   

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