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How to restore my dead iPhone 4S after upgrading to IOS 7.


I installed IOS7 on my iPhone 4S as soon as it was available.

It first worked ok for a couple of days.

Then yesterday after loading battery overnight, the battery was only at 48%, a few minutes later it went to zero.

When connected to a wall charger it was showing 100% battery load, but disconecting it was shutting down for low battery.

I tried to restore in DFU mode but I got the error 2001 after waiting a few second for the iphone to answer, which was not happening due to low battery.

I replaced the battery, with one that was at 50%. Then I could restore it, and it seemed to work normally.


Then after a few hours on without use, it appears to have switched off for low battery again.

I tried to load the batterry over night, but it was just keeping in a continuous rebooting loop, and not charging.

Trying to restore from iMac or Macbook gives 2001 error.

So it was not the battery, it is just not charging the battery.


What can I do, please help me !!!!

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    I already applied error 2001 recommendations without success, the iPhone 4S is still dead.

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    We are having the same issue with my son's phone and now I am stressed because my other son's phone required the update and we added it, I am hoping it doesn't kill his battery too.

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    Mina J wrote:


    We are having the same issue with my son's phone and now I am stressed because my other son's phone required the update and we added it, I am hoping it doesn't kill his battery too.

    How did it 'require' the update?

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    Well, in the first post you mention replacing the battery. The iPhone does not have a user replaceable battery. This would tell me that you probably opened the phone, which is not recommended by Apple. It would void your warranty and also your ability to receive assistance from the forum. Moving batteries around could explain why things aren't working.

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    The phone had never been open before. Then I saw on forums that it could be the battery, so I tried a new battery. It works a few hours but was not charging. So I put back the original battery and I went to the local official Apple shop where I bought it.

    Bad news:

    It's a hardware problem. Charging module is overheating with IOS7 and it got damaged.


    Fortunately the 23 months old 4S is still under 2 years guarantee. I need to wait 3 weeks to get a final diagnostic as they are overloaded with many claims currently, I'm not supprised...

    I took back a good old Nokia meanwhile...

    Issue: the charging module of iPhone 4S cannot be replace, while for iPhone 5 it can be.

    So they will suggest a standard exchange.

    Let's see.

    I'll keep you informed.

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    I guys,


    You don't imagine how frustrating I am, after speaking with Apple Support and hear them saying that it's normal that a hardware component can be damaged overtime.

    C'mon, my Iphone is just 1,5years old and being treated like a jewel without a single scratch.


    Let me explain what happened:

    As all of you, I also was very excited with this new IOS7 new version.

    As soon it was available for download, there I was downloading it overnight.

    The first problem happen immediatelly in the next day where I realised that the 3G signal was lower than before.

    After a couple of days I started to realise that the battery was not holding a day, getting 1% when with IOS6 was at 25% exactly at the same time of day.

    To finish, yesterday my iPhone sudden died when I was just reading an email.

    Since then I called the apple support in my country.

    We tried everything, soft reset, restoring ( an error 9 appeared when trying to restore. Error 9 is USB connection issue. I tried in my MBP, in my PC Samsung, in Apple Support store today and NOTHING).

    They said that it's not possible to repair and that I could pay R$800 (about 450USD) for a replacement iphone4S 64Gb.

    Finnaly I decided to chat with apple support that explained me what I wrote in my first phrase and the they couldn't do nothing because I haven't the Apple care.

    Here the waranty is not the issue.

    The issue here is that IOS7 damaged my phone.


    I have a 64Gb iPhone 4S bought on December 2011.


    Please if anyone else is passing through the same faults, please let me know.

    My email is costanuno27@me.com





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    You replaced the battery? Are you sure you didn't mess up something else while you were replacing the battery?

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    No battery replacement.

    Never opened the iPhone.

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    I had a 2 years guaranty, because it's the law in Europe.

    So I brought it to the Apple authorized Dealer (Mediamarkt).

    After one month they informed me that the guaranty was void because the phone is oxidised.

    It never fell in water but it got wet in my pocket a rainy day some months ago. But the phone was working perfectly.

    It's just after installing IOS7 that it started overheating and then not charging anymore.

    The shop proposed me a repaired iPhone 4S 32Gb for 442 US$...


    So I'm trying to repair it by myself; we have some experience on iPhones with my son. You can find many videos on the web to support.

    Every time I install a new battery, it works for a few hours but the battery is draining off in 3 to 4 hours, at it is not charging, neither on a wall charger nor on a computer USB, even if no other USB is in use.

    I've ordered a new doc connector for a few US$. I suppose that it was oxidized and that due to the higher power required by iOS7 it got damaged.

    If it doesn't work with the new connector, I will keep trying replacing parts one by one...

    Or I will sale it as spare parts because it has been kept in perfect condition.

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    I tried a new dock connector, but it was not that.

    So my iPhone 4S is dead for 2 months now, not charging since upgrading to iOS7.


    The power Management IC has been overloaded by iOS 7 and has to be replaced.

    The only solution looks to be a hardware repaire:


    not so easy...