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Hello Community

In my previous Asus M50VN, the keyboard was detected, and showed in Windows 7, the code for pairing.

Now i have an Asus G750JX and in this case with Windows 8, I have  immense difficulty in pairing the Apple wireless keyboard, What can i do  for this to work?

in 15 days of trying it only showed me 3 times the pairing code, and does not give me the time to enter it.

i Have installed windows 7 again, and nothing.

I've tried to install again with some trick´s, that I read on a blog,  when he is connecting, enter a code like for example "11111" "Enter" to  see if the dialogue box with the pairing code appears, and so far,  nothing, i tried, to press the power button also  without letting him go until the pairing code appears, i wait for the  dialogue box to appear and nothing,

Thank you for your attention appreciated some help, so i don´t have to put this keyboard in the garbage.

Apple Wireless keyboard, Windows 8