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how do I find out if a hacker address is in my imac? I know there is somewhere on the computer you can go to find out if any foreign IP address are listed, I just don't know where.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Why do you ask?


    "Foreign IP addresses" doesn't mean very much. There are IP addresses for every Internet service required by your Mac. There will be thousands, and none of them will be of any use in identifying a hacker.


    If you have reason to believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to your Mac, please explain the symptoms and your reason for concern. A nefarious individual who had physical access to your iMac would be a jusifiable concern.

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    I feel so stupid. I looked up Netgear to try and find a router. I guess I got to a different website, not Netgear. Before I knew it the guy had me using a Team Viewer and he went into my computer while I watched. He said my computer was running way to slow, the reason he needed to go there was to see if my computer was compatible with Netgear. Anyway he showed me on my computer where I had "local" IP's which were fine, but the "foreign" IP's were dangerous if I use online banking, which I do. So then he said my imac is not updating as it should be. I was surprised but believed him. Then he said I needed to get an extended warranty from apple so that my imac will start doing its update. Thats when I started thinking he was after my credit card number. I looked at the website I found the phone number on and it was http:/http://www.valueablesecurity.com/netgear-support.html?gclid=CILVvN2o5LkCFe Hm7AodpRIASA He was trying to sell me an apple warranty! Well I hung up. But then I started wondering about those IP addresses he showed me and wondering if it is true that someone from Nigeria or some place like that has hacked me.

    Kat  : (


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    I'm sorry to tell you, but you have been exploited by a scam artist.


    The good news is that you didn't provide any payment because clearly the scam outfit was seeking your credit card information which you did not provide. By your comment that your iMac was not "updating as it should be" is also appears that you abruptly terminated anything else they were attempting to do. However, voluntarily using Team Viewer raises the possibility, however remote, that rogue software has been installed on your Mac by having unwittingly granted a criminal access to it. Ruling out that possibility with absolute assurance is not something anyone here can do for you. Nor can it be ruled out with any software claiming the ability to do so, regardless of how attractive that option may appear right now. Don't look for that solution, which can only make things worse.


    If you created a backup prior to this event, you can easily revert to it and do nothing else other than to change whatever passwords you have been using.


    If you have no backup: In an abundance of caution, I recommend that you erase your Mac as if you were going to sell it or give it away, followed by reinstalling OS X from your original System Install DVD and rebuilding your system. Those instructions follow:


    What to do before selling or giving away your Mac


    That is an extreme solution and the decision to resort to it is up to you. If you don't, be mindful of any unauthorized activity that may be tied to your financial activities including the App Store, the iTunes Store, banking websites, and so forth. The extent of information theft is limited to the information on your Mac, so only you can determine the consequences that may result.

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    He can't get back into my computer if I uninstall team viewer can he? I have no back up, stupid me, and I have all my business records on this computer.

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    Using Team Viewer allows someone else to access your Mac and control it remotely, exactly as you described. My concern is that he may have used that software to install a program on your Mac without your knowledge.


    If you were paying close attention during the remote access session and you knew what to look for, you probably would have noticed, but I cannot determine if you were, or if you did.


    You should certainly uninstall Team Viewer, but if the scammer installed something else to be used for nefarious purposes such as to harvest your personal information, uninstalling Team Viewer alone would not help.


    I want to emphasize that you described little more than an aborted attempt to defraud you and sell you a product that you do not need, and that my recommendation to erase everything and start anew is predicated on an abundance of caution as a result of this scam artist encounter. It is, however, what I would do in your situation.

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    ok , thanks so much. I am going to take it in to the computer guys.

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    What guys?


    I don't recommend anyone other than Apple or an authorized Apple service provider. Start here: https://locate.apple.com/country


    If you're thinking of the Geek Squad, you might as well just toss your Mac out the window right now.

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    I just got on here and I am baffled, are you the Mac info Police? The guy asked a simple and instead of answering his question you give him the 3rd degree, I have the same question because I kow for a fact I have unauthorized Ip's on my machine and several of my employees machine. I would like to see who they are or do I need to cont 3wc. Please man, if you know the answer on how to view foreign Ip's on a Mac, answer the dagon question. Isn't that why you are here? I know it involves the terminal but I want to know the Key command, if you would be so kind...