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    I am sorry Brad805. You are wrong. This issue started with the iPhone 5 and has become worse with the iPhone 5S.

    It is not normal to have this rattling sound in the recorded video. The problem is, well, for me it seems like that, that the power button is near the second mic at the camera. So if the button has too much space so that it rattles, I guess the mic is recording that sound.

  • Polydeuces Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    The rattle is affecting iphone 5 as well. A few relatives of mine have rattling iphone 5 power buttons. My iphone 5 never had a rattle and I purchased it on release day. The iphone 5S power button rattle is a defect widely known now by a great multitud of users and hopefully it gets to Apples attention. We just have to be patient and wait for a Response by Apple.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8 (38,875 points)

    My iPhone 5, 5S and 5C all rattle, but I'm not sure what the big deal is

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    The big deal is that on the 5s you can here a 'click' on some video recordings, if the phone is tilted and it makes the power button rattle on vibrate or you are moveing around, not exactly £709 worth of phone in my mind when something so small is so annoying and ruins a feature. My iPhone 5 was silent as far as rattles.

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    Wow, yetsrerday I got my replacement from the Apple online store. And, tattaaaa, the powerbutton rattles, too. But not as heavy as the first one did. The main problem with this iPhone 5S is, that if I call someone, there is a real noisy static in the background. Sometimes that is so loud that I can't understand what the other person is saying. I checked two different sim cards, made a call in my flat and outside, tried to place my fingers on another position...nothing worked.... That can't be true..... 

  • paulcb Level 6 Level 6 (19,095 points)

    The main problem with this iPhone 5S is, that if I call someone, there is a real noisy static in the background. Sometimes that is so loud that I can't understand what the other person is saying.

    The "rattling" of the power button has nothing to do with "noisy static" during your phone call.

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    You are so right. I just wrote it down because I am angry that every 5S I had has this powerbutton problem + 1 new problem.

    But I'll open a new discussion. Thx.

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    I wish that this were the case, however there is no rattling noise from my old iPhone 4 or from my wife's iPhone 5.  If you test the button by putting your finger on it and lightly moving it around, it is clear that it is loose.  You do not get the same range of movement on prior models, and therefore do not get the rattling noise.  I just tried it before typing this.


    I almost never post in these forums, but I wanted to make sure that threads about this have as many posts as possible so as to increase the chances of Apple addressing the issue.

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    Hey there!

    Mine has the exact same problem, the power button rattles when I shake it :/Some details of my phone are given below:

    Colour: Gold

    Model: iPhone 5s

    Status: Factory Unlocked

    Memory: 16 GB


    It says designed by Apple california, Assembled in China.


    I don't know what to do !!




    and Second my iPhone over heats over specific apps :/ it's a problem with many iPhone 5s users I know!

    Please APPLE solve our issues! We are your loyal costumers !!!


    Navid, 24000, Pakistan.

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    leave feedback on and call them. they say that they arent getting calls on it, so not sure if ppl are on here talking about it and not calling you need call and leave feedback.

  • McDowdy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm incrediblly frustrated by the power button rattle. Borderline irate! I've had my iphone 4 for many years and never once had a rattle problem like I do with the 5s. This is completely unacceptable for the price point. Any movment while recording picks up the rattle and magnifies the sound 10 fold.

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    Bump. Has anybody been able to get it swapped by able for a phone that doesn't rattle? I posted a few weeks back, but have not went into apple because I don't want to get a different phone if I am going to get the same issue. Anybody have any luck?


    Apple needs to address this. I just took a video of my 2 kids at Halloween with their costumes and everything and the video is completly ruinied by that clicking noise that is coming from the loose sleep button. Please don't try to convince me that it is the lense. It isnt. It's the button that rattles.

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    Bought an unlocked iPhone 5s (Space Grey, 64GB) at the Apple store in London (Covent Garden) last Thursday. Came home and discovered the 'rattle' - due to the loose power button (when I held my finger over the power button, it did not rattle). My previous iPhones (3GS and 4S) made no such rattling sound. Took the phone back the next day, and was told that it was highly unusual. The sales person said he had only come across one other example. Exchanged it for a new one. Came home and discovered that this had the same problem, though much less than the first one. Took it back to the store and got a refund. What a waste of time. For the price they are charging, I expect good design and build quality. Not sure why this problem is occurring, but I am very annoyed and disappointed with Apple.

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    Bump. Anybody get a good replacement yet?? Still don't want to try and go in until I hear that Apple is fixing this issue with this defect.

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